Stolen or lost Android smartphone: What to do?

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Have you lost your Android smartphone or has it been stolen? Our smartphones have become so important that this kind of loss can turn us upside down. But what to do in such a situation? We describe here the steps to follow if you are faced with theft or loss of your smartphone.

This a difficult situation to deal with. Beyond the material loss and the financial investment that will require the purchase of a new smartphone, we also and above all worry about the loss of our personal data.

Some are so sensitive that the fear of them falling into the hands of a stranger is a bigger problem than the loss of the smartphone itself. We explain here how to react when you live this unpleasant experience.

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What To Do If Your Smartphone Is Lost Or Stolen?


Has your smartphone been lost or stolen? The first thing to do is to contact your operator to declare this situation. You can make the operation by telephone, or via your customer application or website.

The difficulty is of course to find another device from which to do it since yours is no longer available. The operator will then deactivate the SIM card. Thus, you will not pay the costs incurred by the thief of your mobile.

It is possible to reactivate it if you are lucky enough to find the phone. Otherwise, to keep your number and your subscription, you must order a new SIM card from the operator.

Locate Your Android Smartphone

You can try to find your smartphone thanks to the localization. This feature must be activate beforehand. It then becomes possible to locate your lost or stolen smartphone on a map (Google Maps). You can also ring it, lock it or delete data remotely. To do this, simply go to this web page from any browser on a PC, another smartphone or a tablet. If the thief has turned off the smartphone, however, it becomes impossible to locate it. You can, however, see the last place the smartphone was on. If the device has simply been misplaced and is in your home, you can ring it to find it easily. It even works in silent mode.

If you want to try to communicate with the person who is now in possession of your mobile, you can also use this tool to display a message or a contact telephone number on the screen of your smartphone. Who knows, a well-meaning individual may have found your smartphone and would be ready to give it back to you.

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Erase Mobile Data Remotely

It is from the same Google platform that you will be able to lock the smartphone, as we have seen. You can disconnect your Google account and even delete all the content present on your mobile.

Once you’re pretty sure you’ll never see it again, this is the correct step. Do not hesitate if you have confidential messages or if you manage your bank accounts from your mobile.

Please note, it will no longer be possible to locate the smartphone once you erase the data. If the device is off at the time of manipulation, the deletion will take place the next time it is on.

Declare A Theft (Filing A stolen smartphone Complaint)

Once you have secured your data, it is time to report the theft or loss to the appropriate authorities (Police). It is possible that you can find your mobile this way, even if it is rare.

But this procedure is important for several reasons. First, the officer taking your statement will ask for your IMEI number, so you need to write it down somewhere, you can find attached it in your smartphone box or in the Google Find My Device service.

You can then send a copy of the declaration to your operator to prove your situation. They will register the IMEI in a database common to all operators and the smartphone will get a ban throughout the territory of your country.

For you, it does not change much, but you at least avoid your mobile being easily on sale again. Complicating the life of the thief brings a form of satisfaction and if everyone makes this little effort, it will become less interesting to steal smartphones to resell them, possibly reducing these acts.

Before going to the police station, make sure you know the following elements in addition to the IMEI number: the brand and model of the smartphone, the telephone number(s) associated with the SIM cards and the operator(s) who provided these SIMs.

They may also ask you to describe the accessories (protection cover..) and you will have to describe the circumstances of the theft (place, precise date, etc.). Filing a complaint is also mandatory if you have insurance in the event of phone theft and wish to assert your rights.

In this case, it is also advisable to get in touch quickly with the insurance company so that they explain the procedure to you and that you can make the declaration to the insurer.

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