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Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch Pro has been floating through the rumor mill for quite some time. In fact, ththeirumors reached its peak in the last year. However, instead of the long-awaited Pro variant with higher specifications, Nintendo surprised us with the Nintendo Switch OLED. It offers the same performance as a coventional Switch, but has some premium refreshments here and there, and the most obvious upgrade – an OLED display from Samsung. However, the release of the Nintendo Switch OLED never denied the existence of a Pro variant. The fact is that with the beginning of the new generation for Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo needs a better Switch as the old hardware is starting to age. Now, it seems that the company is really on track to unleash a new Nintendo Switch Pro. Through this article, we’ll try to list everything we already know about the device.

Nintendo Switch Pro – The possible release date

To recall, the Nintendo Switch Pro rumors started to cool down with the release of the Nintendo Switch OLED. However, the company never denied the existence of a future Pro variant. The fact is that games are starting to become more Dem Nintendo realleeds to offer an upgraded hardware if it wants some third-party AAA games on its console. Furthermore, the console will give the company extra room to upgrade its existing first-party games.

The Nintendo Switch OLED

During an Interview, Nintendo’s President, Shuntaro Furukawa, revealed that there is no new Switch for the upcoming financial year. Please note the “for the upcoming financial year”. He didn’t say “There is no new Switch cso we can really expect one once the current fiscal year ends in March 2023. Of course, the company keeps a low-profile and denies most of the claims about a new Switch being worked under the wraps.

According to the tipster Nate The Hate, the new Nintendo Switch Pro will land in the first half of the next year. Given to Mr. Furukawa’s claims, then we should expect it between April and June 2023. Of course, there are more pessimistic claims. The Piers Harding-Rolls of Ampere Analysis point out to a release of a next gen console by 2024. For now, it’s unclear if this means a Nintendo Switch Pro or a Nintendo Switch 2. The Pro means an upgraded hardware, while the 2 could mean a totally new generation. Meaning that games for Nintendo Switch 2 may not work with the old-gen console.

Worth noting, that given to the company’s track record of launching multiple versions of its handheld devices, we can’t see a reason for the company to not keep the Nintendo Switch Pro moniker.

How much it will cost?

It’s to soon to set things into stone. However, we expect the console to cost more than the OLED variant, but not absurdly more. The regular Switch costs around $299 in the US, while the OLED model costs around $350. The new Pro model may come between these $350 to $400 price tag. We don’t expect its price tag to reach consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Nintendo Switch Pro specifications

So far, there are multiple reports around the specs of the new Pro console. However, most of them seem to pint out to a better Tegra processor. Furthermore, the company may use the DLSS technology allowing for higher resolutions while the GPU keeps generating 720p graphics.


The Nintendo Swtich features a NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor, 720p display and 32 GB storage. The latest refresh brought the battery life to last up to 9 hours. The rumors also point out to a better battery life with the Pro variant.

The Tegra X1+

According to the leakster @SciresM, Nintendo may equip the new device with a Tegra X1+ chipset. The processor will offer higher capabilities with higher clock, and also will have an improved cooling system. Moreover, the console will have a substantial design change, will keep the OLED panel from the better variant, and will offer 4K resolution when docked.

According to reports, when docked, the Nintendo Switch Pro will offer 4K resolution through the uso of an upscaling tech. This may use NVIDIA’s DLSS tech or even a co-processor to upscaled the 1080p resolution.

Furthermore, a new leak in the Switch firmware has references to “4kdp_preferred_over_usb30”. Apparently, this stands for a 4K output over DisplayPort instead of USB 3.0.

Gizchina News of the week

11 Developers are working on 4K toolkits

According to Bloomberg, there are at least 11 developers working with 4K toolkits from Nintendo. Hence, Nintendo is really doing some work to make 4K on Switch a reality. However, Nintendo keeps denying these facts.

Nintendo Switch Pro

OLED or mini-LED?

Although some rumors point to the use of an OLED display, there are also others pointing to mini-LED adoption. The latter is more affordable and offers solid quality. However, we need to digest this with a pinch of salt. After all, mini-LED is still giving very small steps in the industry.

According to the DSCC’s co-founder and current CEO, Ross Young, there are some benefits and disadvantages to using an OLED panel. Everything will depend on the type of content you’re playing, but bright games with a lot of white will certainly consume more power. Anyway, you’ll still get the power efficiency on black screens that is absent on LCDs.

64 GB SSD, Tegra Xavier and 4K

The last detail in the list comes from a 4Chan pot. According to user Xhyll that seems to have gotten his info from a “former employee of Nintendo”, the Switch Pro will have a custom Nvidia Tegra Xavier with 64 GB SSD storage. Moreover, he also confirms the 4K resolution.

Just imagine traveling through the Hylian lands in 4K resolution.

However, there is a very controversial part of his claim. According to him, the Pro aims to be a TV-only system. We can’t see this as an accurate report. After all, portability is one of Nintendo’s triumph cards with the Switch. The handheld aspect is one of the factors that make users consider the Switch instead of conventional “desktop” consoles.

Some upgrades that are welcome with the Nintendo Switch Pro

There are some features that could make the Nintendo Switch Pro really appealing for everyone. These features may even make current Switch owners consider an upgrade.

  • Extra performance: While the “performance” never was the appeal of the Switch, we wouldn’t mind more performance to run some demanding games with a better frame rate. That would also allow some games to enter the platform. So more performance is certainly one of the things that we’re expecting from a new Switch.
  • Better build quality: Nintendo may also take the opportunity to offer improved build quality, better ergonomics, and better Joy-Con controls. After all, the “Pro” console needs to feel superior to the Oled mod4el.
Nintendo Switch Pro
Concept of upgraded Joy-Cons / Image Credit: ProjectXero
  • 4K support: This obviously is one of the big requests for the new console. After all, 4K is already a reality among players, Nintendo needs to enter this category, at least for the docked mode.
  • Bluetooth Support for headphones and other accessories: Of course, this is a delicate terrain. The Nintendo Switch offers Bluetooth, but it’s very limited to support for Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers. We need support for Bluetooth Headphones. After all, we’re in the era of true-wireless earbuds, and they fit perfectly Nintendo’s proposal for a handheld console.


As multiple reports are pointing out, Nintendo seems to be really working on a new Nintendo Switch Pro. However, there are still a lot of questions floating around. Is this an upgrade for the Switch or a totally new generation offering support for current-gen games?

Nintendo Switch Pro

One thing we know, it’s time for Nintendo to upgrade the Switch. It can keep the formula that still makes this old console one of the world’s best-selling consoles. However, it’s time to offer more hardware to developers and improve the experience for players.

Anyway, with big games coming for the current Switch like The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2, we expect the company to keep support for the current product for a long, long time.

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