LG Rollable appears again – The revolution that never came

LG Rollable

LG left the smartphone market in the last year. After multiple attempts and a long period of bleeding, the Korean giant decided to cease its efforts in the smartphone market. That certainly is a sad history. After all, LG was once one of the most prominent names in the smartphone business. It failed to keep up with the competition and invested in “gimmicks” rather than in what other brands were doing right. After several failures, the company tried to focus on the simple, but it was too late. Ahead of its demise, the company planned a revolutionary smartphone. However, the time was already gone, and the LG Rollable will never see the light of day. 

Days of Future past – LG Rollable

Well, the device actually saw the light of the day once, and now has been spotted yet again. We mean that customers will never have a chance to get their hands on this interesting smartphone. The LG Rollable shows us that LG could have had a chance in the segment if it weren’t for the sequence of failures that preceded this device.

Rollable smartphones certainly can be a good innovation in the market. If you’re not happy with foldable, then the rollable may be the next advancement. Unfortunately, the design seems to be complex, and companies are still not ready to deploy these smartphones. LG almost launched the LG Rollable, but apparently, it would be enough to bring the company to the green spot.

As per reports, a few LG Rollable units were produced. These few units were sold to LG employees as keepsakes. Thanks to these samples, the LG Rollable appeared in a couple of shots, and a short videos. However, these were rather brief. Now, a South Korean YouTube channel comes up with details. He showcases a device with promising tech and features. It could have been a decent alternative to foldable smartphones. Interestingly, it was an interesting product after the “gimmick” LG Wing.

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The LG Rollable appears yet again

The device would come with a rollable white box. It opens in the same way as the phone’s rollable pane. There is a charger and a USB cable inside. Inside, we have the phone. Honestly, when turned off, it looks like any other regular phone. It’s not thick as foldable phones, but it’s heavier. In fact, the phone has a weight of 285 grams, with a rather conventional 4,500 mAh battery.

LG Rollable

The LG Rollable features a 6.8-inch P-OLED display with curved edges. A swipe gesture will activate the “rollable display”. The panel will expand horizontally, expanding the panel size to 7.4-inch, then, converting the panel’s aspect ratio to 3:2.

A good alternative for foldable phones

Just like a foldable, the LG Rollable has a conventional smartphone UI. Once you roll out the display, then you’ll get a tablet interface. It works with YouTube, Settings, and more apps. Even the home screen wallpapers will seamlessly expand and contract to match the screen. Obviously, there are native wallpapers that do the trick.

The display will roll around the back. The extended portion of the panel is not entirely flat. However, you will not notice this during normal use.

LG Rollable

Worth noting that the phone has a keyless design. That means, no physical buttons for volume. Instead, you’ll adjust through pressure-sensitive pads. The unreleased LG Velvet 2 Pro would also come with similar pads.

You would need to turn the device on to put in a SIM card. After all, the SIM tray is only visible when the device is unreleased.

“Rear Display” and 2021 Flagship specs

The LG Rollable would come with a dual-camera setup on the back with a primary 64MP shooter, and a 12 MP ultrawide snapper. There is a selfie snapper in the top bezel of the smartphone. However, when the device is in a closed state, you can take selfies with the rear camera setup. After all, one portion of the panel can be turned on in the back. Apart from selfies, it can also show widgets and notifications.

LG Rollable

Apart from all the fanciness, the LG Rollable had 2021 flagship specs. That means a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, 12 GB of RAM, and up to 256 GB of Storage.

Sadly, the LG Rollable is a dream that will never become a reality. Anyone hoping for a rollable phone like this one will need to wait for Oppo or even Samsung.

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