Samsung smartphone batteries keep swelling and exploding

Samsung batteries

Do you think Samsung has a battery that won’t explode anymore? YouTuber Arun Maini claims that device battery swelling is still ongoing. Indeed, its study indicates that several models of the manufacturer in reality have the potential for explosion during the heat wave in the United Kingdom.

It must be acknowledged that the Korean manufacturer had a difficult time rebuilding its reputation and the trust of customers following the significant crisis brought on by the Galaxy Note 7’s frequent explosions. Then, after a number of years had passed with no actual occurrence, we believed the issue was finished.

Until now, at least. YouTuber Arun Maini, also known as Mrwhosetheboss, announced at the end of July that three of his old Samsung smartphones—a Galaxy S7, a Galaxy Note 8, and a Galaxy S10 5G had blown up. The latter considers the significant heat wave that later impacts the United Kingdom and may help to explain this odd occurrence. However, there is a catch: only Samsung smartphones are having this problem.

Samsung batteries still have the old problems

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The instance generated a lot of buzz before Samsung noticed it. The manufacturer approaches the YouTuber privately to request that he return the devices that has this problem. Samsung did not provide any further information or data, though. The mystery grows more complex for Arun Maini. His phones were all suffering the same heat wave and were in the same place. Given Samsung’s past, it is legitimate to wonder what the causes of this phenomenon.

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The latter then makes the decision to get in touch with some of his colleagues. Especially the YouTuber MKBHD, who had seen the identical scenario on his own devices. Once more, only Samsung devices have this problem. Both discover the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has the exact same issue. This then assumes a completely new dimension because even the most newest phones are now susceptible.

The Korean company has yet to make an official remark on this matter as of the time of writing. Therefore, it is challenging to determine the true cause that, on the one hand, causes the battery explosions and, on the other hand, drives Samsung to continue using the contentious supplier. Arun Maini contacted Zach from the JerryRigEverything chain, who is famous for torturing the newest flagships as soon as they are available, to help him explain this point.

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