Apple iPhone 15 And 16 To Use Snapdragon Instead Of Apple’s Own Chip

Right from day one, Apple has been the kind of tech company that always tries to do things differently. In a Microsoft dominated world, they took the risk of going the other way. Both in their softwares and hardwares.

At the time when Microsoft windows was the only choice available, Apple introduced the Macintosh. A computer with a whole different Operating system that no one knew how to use. But they were determined to get their own share of the operating system market. Even though Microsoft still dominate the market at large, Apple’s Mac OS has taken a sizeable part of the market and still counting.Macintosh, iPhone 15

From First iPhone To iPhone 15

Also with their iPhone, Apple is doing everything possible to make it as different as possible from the rest. When Andoid’s dominance began, there were other great mobile phone softwares such as the Symbian  and Blackberry OS by Research In Motion. Their dominance in the mobile phone industry was so huge that, it was a very high risk for any manufacturer to introduce anything new.

When Android stepped into the game, everything changed completely and swiftly. No manufacturer was able to control the speed of Android’s growth. Those who were smart enough quickly joined the trend. Those who tried fighting back were completely beaten. Nokia used to dominate the world by quite a larger proportion. But they were forced to sell their business to Microsoft. This is because they fought against Android.

After acquiring Nokia, Microsoft with their Windows Mobile tried everything. But they eventually gave up. The almighty Blackberry fought Android with all they had. But we all know how it ended right? They fell completely flat. In fact no one even talks about them now.

But then, there was Apple too. They stood strong and went through it all. From day one, they have always stuck with their iOS. While others were falling, the iOS kept growing stronger. Today, the iOS happens to be the only mobile phone operating system that stands with Android. As a matter of fact, the iOS is a threat to the Android OS now.All Iphones to iPhone 15

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IPhone 15 Will Use A Snapdragon Modem

Apple is a company that likes to do everything all by themselves. They use their own operating system, they design their own phones and even have their own chipset which is the Bionic Chips. But that is not completely so. For example, the screens they use in manufacturing their smartphones are not made by them. Companies such as Chinese manufacturer BOE, or LG Electronics and sometimes even Samsung supply them with screens.

Apart from screens, components such as the 5G chips that they use are also from Qualcomm. Apple’s latest iPhone lineup, the iPhone 14 series uses a Qualcomm chip to access 5G Connectivity. Currently, the iPhone 14 series use the Snapdragon X65 modem from Qualcomm.

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As a company that likes to do everything on their own, you should know that sooner or later they will move away from these Qualcomm modems. There has been rumors that Apple has already started working on their own 5G chips.

Apple anticipated their 5G modem to be ready as early as this year. But it looks like there is more work to it than they expected. This means, Qualcomm will still remain the supplier of 5G chips to Apple. As it stands now, Apple will keep using the Snapdragon 5G modems for at least 2 more years.IPhone 15

Haitong international security analyst, Jeff Pu stated that, Qualcomm is already working on a new 5G modem. This 5G modem will be the Snapdragon X75. Since Apple has failed to launch their own 5G chips, he expects that in 2024, Apple will be part of the companies that will use this 4nm energy efficient 5G modem.

Apple Is Still Working On Their 5G Chip

In mid 2022, TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also stated that, all models of the iPhone 15 series will use Qualcomm’s 5G chips. However, he emphasized that despite the failure, Apple will keep working on their own 5G chips.

Per these two statements, we can conclude that Apple will keep using the Snapdragon 5G Modems for at least 2 more years. This also explains that, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 16 will still use a Snapdragon 5G modem from Qualcomm.

Source / Via: MacRumors

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