Apple Releases First Developer Preview For iOS 16.3 And iPadOS 16.3 With Important Security Features

Apple developers are some of the busiest software developers in the world. They are always on the move. Working day in day out not just to make their operating systems more efficient and user friendly. But also, as secure as possible. iOS 16.3 is already in the testing.

Apple Releases Beta Versions of iOS 16.3. IPadOS 16.3 macOS Ventura 13.2 and tvOS 16.3 iOS 16.3

Apple has released the stable version of the iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2 to users around the world. A few days after releasing the stable version. The Cupertino company has also released the first developer version. Of the iOS 16.3 and the iPadOS 16.3 to beta testers. MacOS Ventura 13.2 and tvOS 16.3 were also not left out in the rollout.

As Beta versions, the new updates are only available to users with developer Beta profiles. Such users can just go into Settings on the devices. And navigate to the update prompt.

iOS 16.3 Features

As usual, the new update comes with a couple of useful features. These features are to make the operating systems better. However, the main highlight of the update has to do with the new security feature.

The iOS 16.3 comes new security keys that work with FIDO-certified physical security. This is used to verify and login to websites and devices. FIDO enables the use of common devices to authenticate to online services. This can be done on both mobile devices and desktops.

What this means is that you can use your device to login to any online platform. Without needing a password in order to login. Simply put, your device becomes your password. Thanks to FIDO authentication. This new feature is also available to iPadOS 16.3 and macOS Ventura 13.2 users.

The iOS 16.3 however comes with extra new features. These new features include Apple Card Savings Account. This helps you to open a personal savings account using your Apple Card. Other features include Apple Pay Later. Apple Music Classical and Custom Accessibility Mode. You also get Advanced Data Protection for iCloud. iOS 16.3

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Advanced Data Protection for iCloud is currently available. But limited to users in the United States. Thanks to iOS 16.3, this feature is finally coming to users outside the United States.

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Release Date Of The iOS 16.3

The official stable release will be available in either February or March next year. Until then, it is the Beta versions that will be available. Remember to take extra precautions when installing Beta firmware on your device. Beta software can render your device completely useless.

Precautions To Take Before Installing iOS 16.3 Beta

The reason being that Beta software is used for testing purposes. When the company introduces a new feature, they need to test it for a while. They usually release it to testers because they need their feedbacks. These feedbacks help the company to know what to change. It also helps them determine what to add and what to take out.

This is why in most cases; they make Beta testing an option for users to register. Registering for Beta testing means you understand the risk. And that you cannot hold the company responsible should anything go wrong. iOS 16.3

Due to this, most Beta testers have a separate device for that purpose. They usually do not use their main phone for that. Or they backup every important data before going ahead with the Beta update.

These are just precautions you need to take before making any Beta updates. It is either you get a separate device for the purpose of testing Beta operating systems. Or better still, make a full backup of all your data before updating.

Using your main personal device for such testing purposes. Can lead to either bricking your device completely. Or your device can lose functionalities in some areas. Beta operating systems can affect your camera, speaker. It can even affect your device network connections. In the worst of it all, your device can go completely off.

So, take extra precautions before you ever install any Beta software of your device.

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