Project Leonardo is a new PS5 controller for players with disabilities


Sony held its conference at CES 2023. Despite the rumors, the company didn’t bring a new PS5 model to the conference, but it still, brought some good news for the console and games. First, the company presented its Mocopi system for full-body tracking. It will be used in games and the metaverse, in near future. Moreover, we got the reveal of Project Leonardo. It’s a new modular controller that will help players with disabilities. Recent games like The Last of Us Part 2 and God of War Ragnarok were praised for their accessibility features that allow players with disabled conditions to play and clear the games. Now, Sony is giving a step further to give more players access to their consoles.

Project Leonardo – a revolutionary PS5 controller to help people with disabled conditions to play

Sony Project Leonardo PS5

The new Project Leonardo controller has a big, round base that is designed to lie flat on a table. There are several mounting options. The player can use a single Project Leonardo or Two, and a regular PS5 DualSense controller can join the mix. As a result, the player can combine one, two, or three controllers into a single virtual controller. Moreover, Project Leonardo allows you to swap the buttons and rearrange them to suit the player’s needs. Also, you can assign multiple buttons to the same functions. Similarly, you can assign two functions to the same button. For instance, you can set a button to press R1 + X. In games, there are certain combinations that unleash distinct skills. That is an important feature, for sure.


You can plug other joysticks into Project Leonardo. These will come in various sizes to match the player’s needs. One can save the button mapping and other settings in the player’s profile. You can set up three distinct configurations. Let’s say that one game needs a specific setting, and another one needs a different one. You can save two distinct settings for use in these two different games. You can even have one for a third game. Hopefully, we’ll see more possibilities in the future.

Sony PS5

The Project Leonardo also comes with four auxiliary ports that are based on 3.5 mm standards. With these ports, you can put 3rd party switches, buttons, and analog sticks. You can configure each of these 3rd party accessories. There are infinite possibilities for Project Leonardo to help people with disabled conditions.

The result of combined efforts

The new controller comes from combined work between Sony and several accessibility experts. The list includes SpecialEffect, StackUp, and more. Worth noting, that Project Leonardo is still in development. As a result, we expect more features in the future. For now, there is no launch date, but we expect it to come later this year. Obviously, it’s compatible with the PS5 and future iterations of the console.

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