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Android smratphones June 2023

The smartphone market remains highly active with new models being released on a daily basis, which has caused considerable confusion among users due to the overwhelming number of options available. As a result, users conduct various kinds of research to determine which model to choose, and AnTuTu is a prominent platform for such research. AnTuTu provides information on how each phone performs, allowing users to make good decisions. Now, the global list of the fastest Android phones has been released, providing users with the latest information on phone performance in the flagship, sub-flagship and mid-range lines.

February has ended, so it’s time to know which devices were the best performing. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 has started to dominate the Android flagship market. This is confirmed by the February AnTuTu Android performance list, which ranks phones based on their AnTuTu Benchmark V9 data.

It’s important to note that the rankings in the list are based on phones with a minimum of 1,000 valid scores, and the scores listed are average scores. Additionally, the configurations of the phones on the list are the highest-scoring configurations of the same model, and the data was collected from February 1 to February 28, 2023.

The fastest Android smartphones have been revealed!

Top 10 AnTuTu best flagship smartphones

Topping the list of flagship smartphones at No. 1 is the Red Magic 8 Pro+, which boasts an impressive average score of 1,304,238. This phone is targeting gamers and features an ultra-narrow bezel design and a straight screen with no cutout for the front camera. While this design is visually appealing, the front camera’s imaging quality is relatively average. However, the built-in fan of the Red Magic 8 Pro+ is a great advantage in terms of boosting performance. If you’re planning to buy the Red Magic 8 Pro+, the regular black version is recommended over the Transparent version, as the latter tends to show dust inside the air duct.

Coming in at No. 2 on the list is the Vivo X90 Pro+ with an average score of 1,280,652. The Vivo X90 series is an excellent product from Vivo, designed for the high-end phone market. The Vivo X90 Pro+ comes with Sony’s 1-inch sensor IMX989, Carl Zeiss lens, and Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. The only potential drawback is its weight and thickness.

In third place is the iQOO 11 with an average score of 1,271,052. The iQOO 11 Pro boasts a classic design and is running Vivo’s self-developed V2 image chip for impressive image quality. The iQOO 11 is also equipped with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, with the highest configuration combination being 16GB+512GB.

Rounding out the list from fourth to sixth place are three devices from the new Samsung Galaxy S23 series. Contrary to expectations, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 with an ultra-high frequency did not score very high, likely because the Samsung phones did not fully showcase its performance, which is also evident from the performance of the Samsung S23 series in high-load games such as Genshin Impact.

Seven of the top ten phones on the list are equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, the new generation of flagship chips, which is gradually becoming the mainstream of the market. While the gap between the Dimensity 9200 and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is still evident, it’s hoped that MediaTek can occupy more market share in the second half of the year.

The list of the top 10 is as follows:

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  1. Red Magic 8 Pro+ – 1 million 304 thousand 235 points
  2. Vivo X90 Pro+ – 1 million 280 thousand 652 points
  3. iQOO 11 – 1 million 271 thousand 052 points
  4. Galaxy S23 Ultra – 1 million 255 thousand 441 points
  5. Galaxy S23+ – 1 million 223 thousand 018 points
  6. Galaxy S23 – 1 million 198 thousand 962 points
  7. OnePlus 11 – 1 million 150 thousand 541 points
  8. ROG Phone 6D – 1 million 86 thousand 117 points
  9. Xiaomi 12T Pro – 1 million 74 thousand 67 points
  10. Redmi K50 Ultra – 1 million 60 thousand 498 points

Top 10 AnTuTu best sub-flagship smartphones

Regarding the sub-flagship range, The iQOO Neo7 takes the top spot with an average score of 854,527. The Chinese version of this phone is running the Dimensity 9000+ chip. While the global version has the Dimensity 8200 chip. The latter is an ultra-high frequency version of the Dimensity 8100 with limited performance improvement, but it is relatively cheaper.

The Mi 12T comes in second place with an average score of 819,293. Xiaomi launched the Mi 12T series for the global market in the second half of 2022, which includes the Mi 12T and Mi 12T Pro. This phone offers excellent performance in its price range, with exceptional sound quality and an impressive screen. However, it is essential to note that the performance improvement of the Dimensity 8100 Ultra chip is minimal compared to the standard Dimensity 8100, with the parameters of both being almost identical.

In third place, we have the realme GT Neo3. Which targets the youth market with its trendy design and co-branded models such as Naruto. The phone’s powerful performance comes from its combination of the Dimensity 8100 chip, LPDDR5 memory, and UFS 3.1 flash memory. Additionally, the realme GT Neo3 features dual stereo speakers and an X-axis linear motor for an immersive sound experience. The phone’s most remarkable feature is its 150W charging power, which is bolder than Apple and Samsung’s charging systems. The realme GT Neo5, now available in China, offers a charging speed of 240W and a low-frequency version of the Snapdragon 8+ processor.

Overall, sub-flagship phones offer excellent value for money, providing high-quality features and performance at a more affordable price point. The iQOO Neo7, Mi 12T, and realme GT Neo3 are among the best-performing sub-flagship phones globally. With excellent design, powerful performance, and impressive features. However, each phone has its strengths and weaknesses, and the choice ultimately depends on individual preferences and needs.

Top 10 AnTuTu best mid-range smartphones

The smartphone market has grown tremendously in recent years. And mid-range phones have gained a lot of popularity due to their affordable prices and decent performance. Among the mid-range phones, the top performers are the ones that run Snapdragon 7 series chips, as evidenced by the February 2023 rankings.

According to AnTuTu, a popular benchmarking platform, the No.1 spot goes to the Nothing Phone 1, with an average score of 567,387. Then we have the realme GT Master, with an average score of 544,652. And the Poco X5 Pro, with an average score of 543,048. It is interesting to note that despite the competition, the ranking of mid-range phones has not changed significantly.

One trend that has been observed in recent months is the appearance of new processors from various manufacturers. For instance, MediaTek will bring another new processor to the market. Which we expect to replace the Snapdragon 778G. This is great news for users, as it will give them more options to choose from when buying a mid-range phone. However, it is worth noting that even with these new processors, the Snapdragon 7 series chips continue to dominate the mid-range phone market.

Despite the dominance of Snapdragon 7 series chips, many manufacturers have started to use Snapdragon 8+ as a sub-flagship processor in their new phones. However, AnTuTu still considers the Snapdragon 8+ as a flagship processor. Which is why many new Snapdragon 8+ powered phones do not appear in the AnTuTu sub-flagship phone list.

In conclusion, the mid-range phone market is highly competitive. With Snapdragon 7 series chips being the preferred option for top-performing phones. With the emergence of new processors from various manufacturers, we can expect to see more options for users in the near future. It’s clear that this will definitely be in the interest of consumers.

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