Instagram’s New Twitter Competitor Leaked: App Could Launch Next Month


In recent months, Twitter has been facing a series of challenges, ranging from Elon Musk’s takeover to a new CEO appointment. The social media giant may soon face yet another obstacle – a new text-based app from Instagram.

Instagram’s New Text-Based App: An Overview

Instagram is reportedly planning to launch a new text-based social media platform as early as next month. Lia Haberman’s ICYMI Substack newsletter leaked promotional material and other details that were later picked up by The Verge.

The leaked marketing slide doesn’t reveal the app’s name but refers to it as “Instagram’s new text-based app for conversations.” The slide highlights that Instagram users will be able to create texts up to 500 characters. Users will also be able to attach photos, videos, and links. Users will also be able to follow the same accounts they follow on Instagram with just one tap. This will essentially make it easier to build an audience quickly.

Feature of Instagram’s new text-based app

Instagram new app to rival Twitter
Leaked marketing slide for Instagram’s rumored Twitter competitor

User Control

One notable feature of Instagram’s new app is the level of control users will have over their interactions. They can decide who can reply to their messages and mention their accounts. Instagram’s current community guidelines will apply to the new platform, and users who have blocked others on Instagram will have those blocks carry over.

Compatibility with Other Apps

The new text-based platform will also be compatible with other apps like Mastodon. “Soon, our app will be compatible with certain other apps like Mastodon,” Instagram’s slide says. “Users on these other apps will be able to search for, follow and interact with your profile and content if you’re public, or if you’re private and approve them as followers.”

Users on these apps will have the ability to search for profiles and content on Instagram’s new platform. They can follow and interact with these profiles, granted the user is public or has approved them as followers. Additionally, the app will recommend eligible creators to people who do not yet follow them.

The Potential Impact on Twitter


With Instagram’s new app on the horizon, Twitter may face increased competition in the social media market. Twitter users have been known to be creatures of habit, and many have remained loyal to the platform despite its recent struggles. However, Instagram’s new text-based app could provide a more compelling alternative to Twitter, especially for content creators.

Instant Follower Retention

One of the most significant selling points of Instagram’s new app is that content creators can retain their Instagram followers. This could be a significant draw for those who have already established a following on Instagram and are looking for a more text-based platform to interact with their audience.

A More Compelling Alternative?

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Mastodon and Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky have been suggested as potential Twitter substitutes. However, neither of them has gained significant traction among Twitter’s user base. Instagram’s new app, however, might prove to be a more appealing alternative. It offers integration with the existing Instagram platform and focuses on user control and compatibility with other apps.

Addressing Privacy and Security Concerns


With any new social media platform, privacy and security concerns are bound to arise. It’s essential for Instagram to address these concerns to ensure users feel safe and comfortable using their new text-based app.

Community Guidelines

Instagram has stated that its current community guidelines will be in effect on the new platform. This continuity should help users feel more secure, as they will already be familiar with the rules and expectations for behavior.

Block Continuity

For users who have blocked others on Instagram, those blocks will carry over to the new platform. This feature helps maintain a sense of privacy and control for users who may have had negative experiences on Instagram.

User Control over Interactions

As mentioned earlier, users will have more control over who can reply to their messages and mention their accounts on Instagram’s new app. This level of control allows users to feel more secure in their interactions and helps prevent unwanted attention or harassment.

Potential Challenges for Instagram’s New App


While the new app has the potential to become a formidable competitor to Twitter, it may also face some challenges as it enters the market.

User Adoption

One of the most significant challenges for any new social media platform is gaining user adoption. While Instagram’s existing user base provides a foundation for the new app, it remains to be seen how many users will actively engage with the text-based platform.

Competition with Twitter

As Instagram’s new app goes head-to-head with Twitter, it will need to differentiate itself and offer unique features and benefits to attract users. Twitter’s loyal user base may be resistant to change, and Instagram will need to provide compelling reasons for users to make the switch.

Navigating Privacy and Security Issues

As mentioned earlier, privacy and security concerns are always a concern for new social media platforms. Instagram will need to be proactive in addressing these concerns and ensuring that users feel safe and protected on the new platform.

Meta did not respond to questions regarding the new app. In March, it told Platformer about its plans: “We’re exploring a standalone decentralized social network for sharing text updates.” We believe there is a need for a dedicated location where creators and public figures may communicate timely information about their interests.”

Final Thoughts: The Future of Twitter and Instagram

The social media landscape is continually evolving, and Instagram’s new text-based app is just the latest development in this ever-changing industry. As the app prepares to launch next month, all eyes will be on Twitter and Instagram to see how they adapt and compete in this new market.

Will the new app become a true challenger to Twitter, or will it struggle to gain traction among users? Only time will tell as we eagerly await the launch of this new platform and the potential impact it will have on the world of social media.

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