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Our civilisation is built on the electrical energy and sometimes we are not even realizing how much we depend on the electricity access. After all our gadgets and household electronics are useless without the charge or a socket to plug them in. And that can sometimes be tricky. Even at home you can be hit by a blackout and without a backup solution you will be left wanting. Or maybe you are needing the power during your cottage getaways or camping trips. The right portable power station can be an answer to all such issues. And today we have for you an exclusive discount coupon for one just like that. Say hello to the Acenergy S2000 portable power station.

Acenergy S2000

Acenergy S2000 can deliver rock solid capacity of 2016 Wh and maximum peak output of 2000W. So it should be fine even for roughly 90% of your commonly used household appliances. With long lasting premium LFP battery you should be getting over 10 years of usage and over 3000 charging cycles. And speaking of battery you can fully recharge the station in just 2 hourse thanks to the rapid charging option.

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The power station also have full 11 ports covering all the possible inputs and outputs. That includes even support for the solar charging up to 500W with proper panels. And wireless charging for your small devices is yet another cherry on top. Reliable BMS battery protection is also a given for your safe and sound sleep. Which is not going to be disturbed by noise either, because Acenergy S2000 can operate under 45dB. And it’s fairly compact and good looking as well, so won’t be out of place even in a design sense.

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Acenergy S2000

Save up even more with us

All of the above makes the Acenergy S2000 portable power station quite appealing, but we can make it even better. Because with our exclusive discount coupon GIZC12 you can get additional 12% off the already discounted price of $1199. The coupon is valid until June 22nd, so make sure to check this great device on the official website. Because having a backup charging option is nowadays really crucial in many ways.

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