Instagram’s Leader Claims Android Trumps iOS in Latest Statement

Android Vs iOS

The Android vs. iOS debate in the tech world can be quite divisive. Both sides have passionate fans who strongly prefer one over the other. In our experience, some top Android phones can compete well with Apple iPhones in various aspects. One influential person who supports this idea is Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram and Threads. He believes that Android has now surpassed iOS in terms of quality and performance.

How the Recent Android vs iOS Debate Began Android Vs iOS

YouTuber Marques Brownlee, also known as MKBHD, posted a Threads invitation for tech hot takes on this. Adam Mosseri responded with a strong statement: “Android’s now better than iOS.” This sparked a heated debate on the internet. Especially in places like Reddit communities, where people have very passionate and differing opinions on the topic. The discussion quickly became widespread as users shared their views on whether they agreed or disagreed with Mosseri’s statement.

Adam Mosseri’s changed view of Android as a platform caused controversy. However, his brief Threads post didn’t explain what exactly led to his new perspective. As someone in charge of two major social media apps, it’s unclear whether he was speaking from a developer’s standpoint. Or if he was impressed by the user-facing improvements that Google has been making to enhance the Android experience.

Another possibility is that his shift in opinion could be influenced by the recent conflict between Mark Zuckerberg and Apple over the App Store’s moderation policies and limitations on app tracking. This tussle has significantly affected Meta’s ad-centric business model. It might have played a role in Mosseri’s updated stance on Android vs. iOS. However, without further details from his post, the exact reasons behind his statement remain uncertain.

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Both Apple and iOS Have Their Strengths and Weaknesses Android Vs iOS

When it comes to the user experience on each platform, the current stable build of iOS 16 has its strengths. Nevertheless, it is also known for having numerous bugs and issues. This contradicts Apple’s reputation for a seamless experience with the “it just works” philosophy. As for the upcoming iOS 17, it seems that Apple is further emphasizing features that lock users into their ecosystem, making it more closed.

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On the other hand, Android 14 beta releases have introduced several quality-of-life improvements. These include new lock screen customizations, charging indicators, a predictive back gesture, and the ability to drag and drop text and photos. These enhancements seem to make the Android experience more user-friendly and customizable.

Overall, users on both platforms have their respective pros and cons to consider when choosing the operating system that best suits their preferences and needs. Android Vs iOS

Despite Adam Mosseri’s preference for Android, Instagram has historically favored its iOS app over the Android counterpart. In the past, Instagram didn’t even have an Android app initially. And it seems this preference hasn’t shifted, as evidenced by the recent massive update for Threads that landed on iOS with many requested features. However, there’s still no information about when this update will be available for Android users. This indicates that there might still be a disparity between the development and release of features on Instagram’s iOS and Android apps.


Indeed, it’s essential for Instagram’s and Threads’ Android apps to improve in terms of feature parity with the iOS version, especially after the statement from Adam Mosseri, who is in charge of these platforms. All smartphone users deserve a feature-rich experience, regardless of the platform they prefer. Ensuring that both Android and iOS users can enjoy the same functionalities and capabilities will lead to a more inclusive and satisfying experience for everyone. Let’s hope that the companies behind these apps work towards bridging the gap and providing a consistent and excellent user experience for all users.

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