Hidden Gems: Discover These Five Underrated PC Games

In the fast-paced world of PC gaming, we’re often swept away by the epic tales of Skyrim, the adrenaline rushes of Fortnite, or the strategic depth of Civilization. However, beneath the flashy banners of the gaming world lie quirky and captivating titles that often go unnoticed. In this article, we’re about to embark on a quest to discover the unsung heroes of PC gaming. Those secret treasures that few know about but deserve a place in your gaming library.

You see, while everyone else is duking it out in Battle Royale arenas or exploring meticulously crafted open worlds, some developers are tinkering away in their digital basements, concocting gaming magic that’s both inventive and utterly enjoyable. From games that transform you into a mischievous goose on a reign of terror to surreal adventures where cats talk and robots ponder life’s mysteries, the gaming world is bursting with delightful eccentricity.

So, fasten your seatbelts (or should I say, keyboard and mouse?), because we’re about to introduce you to five games that will not only tickle your funny bone but also challenge your gaming sensibilities. These are the hidden gems, the unsung heroes, and the virtual realms where the extraordinary meets the absurd. Prepare to be delighted, surprised, and entertained as we delve into the undiscovered territories of PC gaming.

Payday 2 PC Game PC Games

It might surprise you to know that Payday 2, a game with a fresh new sequel, is still super popular on Steam. Payday 2 came out a decade ago in a not-so-great condition, but over time, it has become the go-to game for a special kind of cooperative fun: it’s like a crime movie where you and up to three friends team up to pull off heists.

People who enjoy Payday 2 like the excitement of finishing tasks that change each time you play, without setting off alarms. The game also has an unbelievable story that involves the President of the United States and John Wick. Plus, the missions are short, so it’s perfect if you don’t have a lot of time for gaming.

Payday 3 could have been a contender, but it’s having problems with getting players matched up online all the time. Also, the community isn’t too happy because it can take a lot of effort to unlock fun stuff in the game. The company that makes the game, Starbreeze, says they’ll fix these issues and maybe even add a way to play offline. But for now, most players are going back to the older and better heist game with more missions to do.

Mir4 PC Game PC Games

Mir4 might be one of the weirdest games around. It’s a game you can play for free, and it’s like a mix of an MMO (massively multiplayer online game) and an idle game, sort of like Cookie Clicker. In this game, you’ll find thousands of players who watch their characters run around, fight enemies, and pick up stuff on their own. It’s a bit puzzling because I can’t figure out if people really enjoy it for the magical world and the treasures or if they just like watching their scores go up.

When you step outside of Steam and look at Mir4, it’s also something called an NFT game. That means you can sell your in-game character for cryptocurrency and even mine some digital coins while you play, apparently. But here’s the catch: none of these cool features are available in the Steam version. Still, the Steam version has about 27,000 people playing it every day. Most of these players really seem to stick around for the player-versus-player battles, which turn out to be quite complicated and interesting.

In short, Mir4 is a game that’s both strange and intriguing, combining elements of MMO and idle gaming. Some players love its fantasy world and loot, while others might just enjoy watching their in-game numbers go up. Beyond Steam, there’s a whole cryptocurrency angle to it, but that’s not part of the Steam experience. What’s clear is that the PVP battles keep players hooked with their complexity and excitement.

Naraka: Bladepoint PC Game PC Games

Naraka: Bladepoint is often one of the most-played games on Steam, although not usually when you’re awake. It’s especially popular in Asia. It got so big that it recently changed to a free-to-play model, and it even had a special collaboration with Nier: Automata, where you could play as the character 2B. This game is a battle royale, and it’s well aware of its target audience, carving out a unique spot in a crowded genre. Unlike most other battle royale games, Naraka: Bladepoint sets you up in fights against 59 other players, armed with swords, magic, and impressive parkour moves.

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You don’t see as many melee combat games like this, especially when most games in this genre are all about shooting. That’s one of the reasons why a community has formed around Naraka: Bladepoint. The game’s combat system is pretty intricate, demanding the kind of precision you’d expect in duels from games like Dark Souls. Plus, it has something that’s always a hit: grappling hooks. Everyone seems to love grappling hooks.

Smite PC Game PC Games

Smite, a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game, often flies under the radar, but it’s been going strong for nearly a decade. In Smite, you take on the role of various mythological gods and goddesses, forming a team of five. What sets it apart from games like Dota 2 or League of Legends is its unique behind-the-back third-person perspective, giving it a more dynamic feel.

Over the years, Smite has steadily expanded its lineup of characters and continues to roll out updates that keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. Players are drawn to it for its rich strategic depth and the action-packed combat reminiscent of action games. Of course, like many MOBAs, Smite can be a bit tricky to get the hang of at first, but fans insist that once you grasp its intricacies, it’s an experience like no other.

Black Desert PC Game Black Desert

Many MMOs tried to take inspiration from what made World of Warcraft popular and introduce more dynamic combat, but only a few succeeded. Black Desert is one of the rare ones that not only did it well but also stood the test of time. This third person MMO offers the usual features you’d expect, such as housing and crafting, but what truly sets it apart is its lightning-fast combat, especially in player-versus-player battles.

Black Desert isn’t completely free to play, but it frequently goes on sale for less than $5. This affordability has attracted many players in search of an MMO experience that feels more like a traditional action game. In Black Desert, you’ll unleash powerful magic attacks and perform nimble dodges, reminiscent of the speed and intensity you’d find in a game like Dark Souls. Moreover, if you have the time and inclination, you can even embark on a journey to create an expansive production empire, a bit like what you’d find in EVE Online, earning substantial rewards over time. It’s like the developers sneakily slipped an entirely different game within the game, and it’s a delightful surprise.


Payday 2 remains popular with its cooperative heists. Mir4 offers a unique blend of MMO and idle gaming, along with an innovative NFT system. Naraka: Bladepoint redefines the battle royale genre with its unique combat style. Smite is a thriving but often overlooked MOBA with a third-person perspective. Black Desert stands out with lightning-fast combat, an immersive world, and empire-building opportunities. These games showcase the creativity and innovation that thrive in the world of PC gaming, offering players captivating and unexpected experiences.

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