TECNO launches ‘Portrait for Everyone’ Short Film to Celebrate its Distinguished Multi-Skin Tone Imaging Technology

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Innovative technology brand TECNO worked with BBC StoryWorks, BBC Studios’ commercial content division, to present ‘Portrait for Everyone’. A compelling short film showcasing how TECNO Universal Tone technology, that revolutionizes multi-skin tone imaging to properly represent everyone in one picture. The new short film highlights the power of this advanced technology to deliver a more inclusive smartphone imaging experience. Featuring insightful storytelling from the esteemed professors who partnered with TECNO to develop Universal Tone.

TECNO Universal Tone is a most advanced AI-Powered multi-skin tone imaging technology. That has been developed to meticulously understand and capture the beauty of the world’s diverse range of skin tones. Jack Guo, General Manager of TECNO, said: “From this thrilling film, we want to convey our mission behind Universal Tone, which is to redefine portrait photography. Making it a truly inclusive and emotional experience. We aim to ensure that every individual, regardless of skin tone, feels seen and included through the lens of our technology.”

Several pieces of the puzzle combined

Shining the spotlight on the major challenges of portrait imaging, ‘Portrait for Everyone’ reveals how Universal Tone combines three powerful engines . Multi-Skin Tone Restoration Engine,  Local-Tuning Engine, and AI-Powered Computational Portrait Engine. To address these hurdles with precision and finesse.

For years, overexposed or desaturated images have failed to depict the true beauty of skin tone diversity. While AI promises much, but often trains with historically biased data. TECNO partnered with  Dr Kaida Xiao, associate professor in Colour and Imaging Science of University of Leeds and TECNO Technical Advisor. To create a better solution through creating a more inclusive color card. 

“TECNO and I embarked to explore the potential of technology to better reflect a variety of skin tones,” Dr Kaida Xiao stated in this film. “With the help of unbiased data, we could help integrate more advanced AI into TECNO’s camera system, specifically trained to capture the beauty of diverse skin tones.”


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Different people, different visual preferences

‘Portrait for Everyone’ explores how portraits are not just visual. They are deeply emotional, resonating profoundly with people’s confidence in the psychological aspect. Therefore, creating technologies where everyone feels seen is vitally important. Professor of Psychological and Behavioral Science, Dr. Thomas Curran eloquently notes, “Our confidence and self-worth aren’t solely shaped by individual reflections. But also by how we perceive ourselves within a community. Authenticity in images helps maintain this delicate balance, grounding us in reality.” 

Universal Tone embodies TECNO’s in-depth knowledge of global users’ demands and caters to the aesthetic preferences of consumers in different regions. Besides personal elements, the technology also ensures users’ portraits are perfectly in tune with the world around them. With images fully tailored to the local environments, lighting conditions, geomorphological landscape, color temperature and more. Achieving perfect harmony between people and their surroundings.

Jack Qiu, Shaw Foundation Professor of Media Technology at Nanyang Technological University, and TECNO’s Advisor on Asian Skin Tone and Portrait Aesthetic, said: “By enriching the imaging capabilities of TECNO’s camera from this specific cultural dimension, we hope to add layers of emotional and aesthetic richness to every shot. Making each one a mirror that reflects and respects its origin.”

Every face tells a story, every culture has its own canvas. TECNO’s mission is to ensure every story is heard and every canvas celebrated. The ‘Portrait for Everyone’ underlines TECNO’s dedication to inclusivity, customer-centricity. And a globalized strategy, that certainly caters to diverse requirements and preferences of consumers. As it charts the limitless horizons of technology, TECNO extends an open invitation to all. Encouraging consumers to harness the power of Universal Tone for a future where the authentic self shines brightly and boldly.

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