Next-gen 2-in-1 electric flossing toothbrush SOOCAS Neos now only for $149.99


Taking proper care of your dental hygiene is very important and the electric toothbrushes are making it easier than before. But the best result can be surely achieved when pairing it with a water flosser as well. So how about combining these two features into a single device ? SOOCAS Neos is just like that and can deliver in both brushing and flossing department. This next-gen 2-in-1 electric toothbrush is really quite revolutionary and now you can get it even cheaper in the current Amazon promo. So would be a shame to miss it…

Universal tool for cleaning your teeth

SOOCAS Neos really wants to deliver a deeper level of cleaning than the common electric toothbrushes. For that it uses the newest TriSync structure with the FlowPulse Pump, MagVortex and CompClean Brush head technologies. Using all that it can reach up to 40x more plaque removal, 10x more gap cleaning and 2x whitening compared to a manual toothbrush. And how is all works ?

The FlowPulse Pump applies pressure to the water to form pulsed water flows through the MagVortex for flossing. The MagVortex delivers the energy needed via vibration to clean teeth, while the toothbrush head combines the pulsed water flow and the vibration from the motor to effectively clean the teeth in all directions. The newly added channel design on the toothbrush is able to combine the water flow with the bristle to effectively clean. Together, the three compartments work cohesively to achieve greater synergy.


Designed for all your dental needs

You can choose from 2 modes (Deep Clean and Quick Clean) and 3 levels of intensity to tailor the brushing to your exact needs. The Dupont diamond double layered rounded bristles are also better prepared for coverage, thanks to the “W”shaped layout and partition design. You will also see them change color over time as a fading replacement reminder.

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Flossing gets even better with the AquaJet tech as well. The independently researched pulsed flossing method is capable of generating explosive power to remove food residue more effectively compared to the traditional flossing method. In addition, the pulsed method is less irritating and can is better for precise targeting blind spots. Furthermore, due to the nature of pulsed water flow, it can last up to 40 seconds of flossing time with just 3 oz of capacity. And with built-in water tank it’s fairly easy to achieve.

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Cordless, wireless and much more

SOOCAS Neos also comes with a built-in 2600 mAh battery to last roughly 30 days on a single charge. And you can easily recharge it thanks to the wireless charging base. Waterproof IPX8 rating is also a given for the toothbrush. There are plenty of other quality-of-life features as well, including memory tracking for intensity, smart reminders for brushing different zones and much more.

And now you can get SOOCAS Neos even cheaper than before. Because the Amazon promo offer will slash the price from $169.99 to just $149.99. It should be valid from October 30th to November 5th so make sure to check it out and get yours.


Founded in 2015 with the intention to create a wide range of personal care products for people. Main slogan “Pure, Smart, Elegent”. Over a few years, SOOCAS has launched several product lines such as electric toothbrushes, water flossers, shavers, and hairdryers. Additionally, SOOCAS has complementary products such as toothpaste, mouthwash, and hair essential oil. 2. Following the ā€œjust one more step in personal careā€ ideology, SOOCAS has been guided by predictive market insights in combination with innovative technology and detail-oriented designs to present aesthetically pleasing while high-performance products. Some goals that SOOCAS strives to achieve are to satisfy peopleā€™s needs for a simpler and more enjoyable personal care routine. With these goals, SOOCAS intends to encourage people to gain confidence while living a simpler life.

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