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It doesn’t really matter whether you’re a tech-savvy or a casual computer user. You are bound to encounter a couple of issues with your Windows PC at one point or another. But if you have a proper idea about the right Windows diagnostics tools, fixing these problems can be a piece of cake.

So, the first thing that you need to know is that you have to use different Windows diagnostic tools for different issues. And even though there are many options, some are more effective than others. Want to know which tools should you turn to when you face specific issues? You would want to keep on reading.

Windows Diagnostics Tools for Hardware Headaches

Hardware diagnostics tools

If your PC is acting sluggish or throwing out cryptic error messages, hardware issues might be the culprit. Fear not, for several tools can shed light on the inner workings of your machine:


This comprehensive system summary tool is like an X-ray for your PC, revealing everything from CPU temperatures to fan voltages. It’s especially helpful for Ryzen users, as it delivers accurate readings where other tools might falter.

Download from the official site (link).

Performance Monitor

Don’t be fooled by its simple interface. This built-in tool lets you monitor crucial metrics like CPU usage, disk activity, and memory consumption, giving you a real-time picture of your PC’s inner workings.

There is no need for any download as Windows comes with Performance Monitor tool as a built-in feature.

Reliability Monitor

This lesser-known gem tracks your system’s stability over time, offering a visual timeline of events and errors. Think of it as a doctor’s chart for your PC, highlighting troublemakers that might be affecting performance.

There is no need for any download as Windows comes with this tool as a built-in feature.

Windows Diagnostics Tools for Network Nightmares

WiFi router position

A wonky internet connection can even get to the most patient gamers. But fear not, these tools will help you get stable:

WiFi Analyzer

Feeling the frustration of sluggish internet? This tool analyzes your WiFi setup, identifying potential channel interference and suggesting optimal settings. It’s a quick fix that can significantly boost your wireless speeds.

Download the tool from the Microsoft store (link).

SoftPerfect Network Scanner

Curious about who’s hogging your bandwidth? This handy tool scans your network, revealing all connected devices. You can also get their IP addresses, and it even lets you initiate remote shutdowns. This Windows diagnostics tool is perfect for keeping tabs on freeloaders and managing your network like a pro.

Download from the official site (link).

Windows Diagnostics Tools for Storage Struggles

Storage diagnostics tools

Your precious data deserves a healthy home, and your storage drives are the foundation. These tools will help you keep your files safe and sound:


Your hard drive or SSD is the silent guardian of your precious data. CrystalDiskInfo gives you a complete health check, monitoring temperature, spin-up time, and even error rates. It’s like a personal trainer for your storage, ensuring it stays in peak condition.

Download CrystalDiskInfo from the official site (link).


Ever wonder where all that disk space disappears? WinDirStat is your answer. This visual explorer maps out your storage, showing how much space each file and folder consumes. It’s a powerful tool for reclaiming lost space and keeping your digital clutter in check.

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Download WinDirStat tool from the official site (link).

Windows Disk Management

This built-in utility is your one-stop shop for managing partitions. You can check drive health, create new partitions, and even scan for potential errors. Think of it as a Swiss Army knife for your storage needs.

There is no need for any download as Windows comes with this tool as a built-in feature.

Windows Diagnostics Tools for Memory Issues

Memory tools

RAM, the lifeblood of smooth multitasking, can sometimes become a source of frustration. But fear not, memory sleuths, these tools will help you diagnose and fix the problem:

Resource Monitor as RAM Diagnostic Tool

This advanced tool offers a real-time breakdown of your system’s resource usage. It’s like peeking behind the curtain to see how processes are interacting with your RAM, CPU, and disk. Perfect for identifying memory hogs and optimizing performance.

There is no need for any download as Windows comes with this tool as a built-in feature.

Windows Memory Diagnostic

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the best. This built-in tool tests your RAM modules for errors, potentially saving you hours of troubleshooting. It’s a quick and effective way to rule out memory issues.

There is no need for any download as Windows comes with this tool as a built-in feature.

Windows Diagnostics Tools for Display Dilemmas


Sometimes, a pesky dead pixel can mar your otherwise pristine screen. But worry not, pixel warriors, these tools can come to the rescue:


Notice a stubborn black dot that won’t budge? JScreenFix might be your knight in shining armor. This tool bombards the area with rapidly changing colors, potentially “unsticking” the pixel. It’s not a guaranteed fix, but it’s worth a try before declaring defeat.

Download JScreenFix from the official site (link).


This free Windows diagnostic tool tool that takes a more targeted approach to pixel revival. Its sister app, InjuredPixels, helps identify dead, stuck, or hot pixels, while PixelHealer works its magic by flashing RGB colors to bring them back to life. Both are portable, making them easy to use on any computer.

Download PixelHealer from the official site (link).

Malware Mischief? Use these Windows Diagnostics Tools

Malware tools

Notice weird behaviors on your PC? Fear not, these malware diagnostics tools have your back:


This little gem might not be a household name, but it packs a punch. AdwCleaner specializes in hunting down adware, toolbars, and other unwanted companions that often sneak in with software installations. It’s fast, efficient, and completely free, making it a must-have for any PC.

Download AdwCleaner from the official site (link).


This industry leader has earned its reputation for a reason. Malwarebytes is a powerful scanner that detects and removes all sorts of malware, from viruses to spyware. It comes in both free and premium versions, with the free version offering ample protection for most users.

Download Malwarebytes from the official site (link).


Don’t let its simple interface fool you. ClamWin is an open-source powerhouse that meticulously scans your system for threats. While its scans might take a bit longer than some, its thoroughness and open-source nature make it a great pick for getting your system malware-free.

Download ClamWin from the official site (link).

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