OnePlus Takes a Leap with Artificial Intelligence in ColorOS Update

ColorOS 14 - OnePlus

In the rapidly evolving landscape of mobile technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a key player in enhancing user experiences. While industry giants like Google and Samsung have been at the forefront of integrating AI into their devices, OnePlus, a prominent Chinese smartphone manufacturer, is not lagging behind. Contrary to recent speculations, OnePlus is making strides in the realm of artificial intelligence. As evidenced by a recent ColorOS update launched in its home country.

Discover OnePlus’ AI Feature: ColorOS Update Unveils Exciting Features

ColorOS 13

The unveiling of the OnePlus 12 in China was accompanied by subtle hints that the brand was shifting away from a focus on artificial intelligence. However, a closer look at the latest ColorOS update reveals that OnePlus is, in fact, embracing AI with the introduction of several generative functions. Android specialist Mishaal Rahman brought attention to these noteworthy developments in his exploration of the brand’s flagship device.

The software changelog accompanying the ColorOS update outlines various AI features that position OnePlus in direct competition with industry leaders such as Samsung. Among the standout additions are the AI Summarizer, an innovative tool designed to automatically generate call summaries. This feature extracts key information such as times, locations, actions, and other pertinent data ‚Äď mirroring Samsung’s AI Live Translate Call. Another notable inclusion is the AIGC Remover, an image editing tool that effectively eliminates unwanted objects and people from photographs. While similar functionalities have been observed in devices like the Pixel 8 and the Galaxy S24 series, the OnePlus implementation is presented as simpler to navigate.

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Furthermore, the update introduces a one-touch generation of article summaries by extracting key information. Catering to users who seek efficient information processing. The Breeno Touch update stands out for its ability to recognize screen contents and provide quick access to relevant services. Drawing parallels to search functionalities.

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While OnePlus’s AI features may not appear as advanced as those from Samsung and Google. They signify a commendable starting point for users who prefer OnePlus devices and desire access to cutting-edge technology.

Embracing AI with ColorOS Update

ColorOS 14 based on Android 14

Beyond the AI tools, the update encompasses additional functionalities. Such as the ability to access the fingerprint scanner without activating the phone. Additionally, a new device movement and orientation permission, present in the settings, aims to restrict access from other apps to the device’s sensors.

However, uncertainties arise as these features are currently integrated into the latest update of ColorOS, the operating system utilized by OnePlus in China. It is essential to note that globally, OnePlus employs OxygenOS instead of ColorOS. Which is utilized by its sister company, OPPO. Despite this difference, the near-identical nature of both operating systems instills optimism that these advancements will eventually reach a global audience. The OnePlus 12 has already made its debut globally. And enthusiasts eagerly await subsequent updates to witness the integration of these AI functionalities.

In conclusion, OnePlus’s foray into artificial intelligence, as showcased in the recent ColorOS update. Highlights the company‘s commitment to staying relevant in the competitive smartphone market. While not groundbreaking in comparison to industry leaders, these AI features contribute to a promising trajectory for OnePlus. Providing users with enhanced capabilities and efficiency in their mobile experiences. As the brand continues to evolve its offerings, the convergence of innovative technology and user-centric design remains at the forefront of its strategy.

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