Samsung Describes 5 Reasons for Note 20 Users to Upgrade to Galaxy S24 Ultra

Galaxy S24 Ultra

The last Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone series went on sale about four years ago. But Samsung hasn’t forgotten about the lineup. At least, that’s what the latest¬†press release¬†is suggesting. In that, the company talked about five main reasons why Samsung Galaxy Note users should upgrade to the newer Galaxy S24 Ultra.

If you’re unaware, the Galaxy Note 20 is the last Note smartphone from Samsung. The main thing that made these smartphones stand out was the inclusion of S Pen. However, since the Galaxy S22 series, the S series Ultra phones started to come with a stylus pen, incorporating one of the main standouts of the Note smartphones.

But this shift didn’t make all the Note fans shift to the latest S series Ultra smartphone. There are still a lot of users that are sticking to their trusty Note 20. Samsung is now trying to get the last remaining users to shift to the latest Galaxy S24 Ultra.

The Biggest Reason is Better S Pen and Much More Advanced Display

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest standouts of the Galaxy Note smartphones was the S Pen, which is now a core feature of the S series Ultra smartphones. But since the integration, Samsung has been updating the stylus pen with each generation. For example, the Galaxy S24 Ultra can deliver a pen-to-paper experience.

This is because the combo on the new Galaxy S24 Ultra saw a massive 68% reduction in latency when compared to the Galaxy Note 20. Now, 68% isn’t a small amount. It basically ensures a much better and more responsive S Pen experience.

Galaxy S24 Ultra with Gorilla Armor

Things get even better for the¬†advanced display¬†that Samsung utilized for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. It’s not only better in terms of resolution, but the screen is also brighter than the Note 20 smartphones. Let’s not forget about the flat edge-to-edge display. It allows you to work with the S Pen throughout the entire surface of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Brings Note Assist

Samsung knows that the Note series was popular because of the productivity-focused nature of the phones. But with Galaxy AI, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is even more powerful and more geared toward productivity. 

More importantly, the Galaxy S24 Ulra comes with Note Assist, which allows you to get a quick summary of your note. It also makes translation, grammar check, and formatting a piece of cake.

Better S Pen of S24 Ultra

Organizing notes is also an easy task with the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The Note Assist lets you make a quick note cover and thumbnail icon to differentiate one note from the other. Samsung has also made it easier to transfer all your existing notes to the new Ultra phone, making it hassle-free for the Note users to make the switch.

A More Capable Set of Hardware

The Samsung Note series wasn’t all about productivity and S Pen, though. Smartphones within the lineup also came with top-of-the-line hardware of their times. And the same applies to the latest Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Like the predecessor series, Samsung has partnered with Qualcomm for the new series. This partnership makes the new phones enjoy Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy. At the core, it’s a bit more capable than the regular¬†Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, which will lead to smoother performance all across the board.

Better Hardware of Galaxy S24 Ultra

But speed isn’t the only thing Samsung was going for. The company also prioritized efficiency and battery performance. To be specific, the Galaxy S24 Utra can offer up to 30 hours of video playback. Its AI-powered processor also understands low-power and high-power tasks, ensuring the right power optimization.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra Comes With an Intelligent Camera System

Another thing that made users pick the Note 20 smartphone was the advanced camera setup. As a matter of fact, the photos are still good to today’s standards. But the Galaxy S24 Ultra offers much better camera performance.

One of the biggest standouts is the inclusion of 100x Space Zoom. Combined with the ProVisual engine and multiple AI optimizations, the S24 Ultra makes it easier to capture beautiful and memorable without needing to go through any complicated steps.

Galaxy S24 Ultra

The Galaxy S24 Ultra also has many advanced software integrations. For example, there’s Nightography, allowing the phone to capture bright and sharp images even in challenging lighting conditions.

In addition, the S24 Ultra has the Generative Edit, which makes sure that every capture looks exactly how you want it to look. For example, you can remove an object or person from a picture without any Photoshop knowledge.

Galaxy S24 Ultra has Galaxy AI

With Galaxy AI, the Samsung Galaxy S24 brings a set of features that Note users have not experienced. Among them is Circle to Search, making it easier to do a search with the S Pen.

Then there’s Live Translate, letting you easily communicate even when you’re in a foreign land. Another highlight of the Galaxy AI in Galaxy S24 Ultra is Chat Assist. It checks the spelling, grammar, and tone of your chats in real time.

Samsung Galaxy AI Launch

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