Samsung One UI 6.0/6.1 devices has Material You theme design issues

Material You

Since the release of Samsung’s One UI 6.0, users of various Samsung Galaxy series smartphones have encountered issues with the Material You theme design, particularly with the display rendering of Google applications. While the Material You theme functions correctly with Samsung applications, it fails to apply properly to Google apps like Google Drive and Google Docs, leading to abnormal display rendering.

Material You

Material You theme design

Problems with Material You Theme Design on Samsung Galaxy Devices

Following the rollout of One UI 6.0, users have reported challenges with the Material You theme design on their Samsung Galaxy devices. Notably, the theme design works as intended within Samsung’s native applications, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing user experience. However, when users interact with Google applications, such as Google Drive and Google Docs, the Material You theme fails to render correctly. This discrepancy has led to inconsistencies in the visual presentation of apps, creating a disjointed user interface experience for Samsung device users.

Impact on Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy S24+ Devices

In a recent evaluation by Sammobile, the Material You theme design issues were tested on Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy S24+ devices, both of which had been upgraded to One UI 6.1. The testing revealed that even after enabling green wallpaper and green theme colours through Samsung’s built-in “Palette” menu, the desired theme adjustments did not reflect when opening Google applications. This discrepancy underscores a fundamental issue with the Material You feature on both One UI 6.0 and the subsequent One UI 6.1 update, indicating a persistent challenge in achieving consistent theming across different app ecosystems.

IT Home’s Findings and Screenshots

ITHome, a reputable Chinese tech blog, corroborated the issues surrounding the Material You rendering on Samsung devices. Through their testing on Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy S24+ devices running One UI 6.1, IT Home observed that attempts to customize the theme colours through Samsung’s “Palette” menu did not translate effectively when accessing Google apps. This discrepancy highlights a significant limitation in the Material You feature functionality, particularly when applied to third-party applications like those developed by Google. The screenshots provided by IT Home serve as visual evidence of the rendering inconsistencies. It also shows the issues users face in achieving a cohesive theming experience across different app platforms.

What is Material You theme design?

Material You theme design is a new unified design language introduced by Google with Android 12. It focuses on personalization by extracting colours from the user’s wallpaper, allowing for a highly personalized design experience. Material You represents a significant evolution from previous design paradigms. It offers a deeper level of customization with new shapes, colours, lighting, and animations. This design language aims to unify Google’s software and hardware teams. This will dictate the look and feel of the company’s products for years to come. Material You emphasizes personalization, simplicity, and fluidity in the Android OS. It enables users to create a cohesive and tailored experience that caters to their individual needs.

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Benefits of using Material You theme design

The benefits of using Material You theme design include:

1. Personalization: Material You allows for a highly personalized design experience by adapting to the user’s wallpaper. It also uses a theme across all elements of the interface, such as buttons, sliders, widgets, and notifications. This level of personalization enhances the user experience and creates a cohesive visual environment tailored to individual preferences.

2. Dynamic Color Theming: Material You’s dynamic colour theming feature is a key aspect of the design. It enables users to have a consistent and rich story of personalization available on any Android device. By extracting colours from the wallpaper or allowing users to select colours manually, Material You ensures a visually appealing and customized interface that aligns with the user’s preferences.

3. Consistency and Cohesion: The Material You design promotes consistency and cohesion in the Android OS. It also offers a unified experience across different devices. By incorporating dynamic colour, motion, and widgets, Material You helps users create a seamless and harmonious interface that reflects their style and preferences.

4. Innovation and Expression: Material You encourages Android OEMs and developers to innovate in system UI and first-party apps, aligning the software experience with the hardware design. This emphasis on expression and fluidity in the Android OS allows for creativity and customization, enhancing the overall user experience and making Android devices more personal and expressive.

Android 12 Material You


Material You is marketed as a personal and customizable design system with dynamic colour theming. However, it faces obstacles in adoption and implementation. Major brands like Samsung, OnePlus, and others are hesitant to fully embrace Material You. This is due to concerns about brand identity and the limitations it imposes on customization. The lack of control for users and the restricted customization options compared to previous Android versions have also been highlighted as drawbacks.

Also, the transition to a more uniform look across apps and services raises concerns about visual diversity and user experience. This is especially true with the potential lack of support from third-party developers. Despite Google’s efforts to promote Material You as a more personalized experience, the challenges in adoption and the limitations in customization have led to mixed reactions and scepticism about its success in the long run.


The Material You rendering issues on One UI 6.0 and 6.1 devices have raised concerns among users. The inability of the Material You theme design to apply consistently across Samsung and Google apps has resulted in a fragmented user experience. This shows the need for further optimization and compatibility enhancements. As Samsung continues to refine its user interface and address these rendering challenges, users can anticipate improvements. These will ensure a seamless and visually harmonious theming experience across all applications on their devices.

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