Samsung admits that One UI 6.1 Quick Panel has a bug – a fix is coming soon

One UI 6.1
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Samsung Community moderators have acknowledged a bug in the One UI 6.1 update Quick Panel. This bug has been causing inconvenience to Galaxy users. This issue arises after the Galaxy S23 series and other mobile phones have been upgraded to One UI 6.1. However, moderators of the Samsung Community have assured users that they are actively working on resolving this issue through version changes promptly.

Quick Panel bug

User Feedback and Impact on Galaxy Users

User feedback has highlighted the frustration experienced by Galaxy users due to the unexpected activation of the quick panel. One user lamented that tapping a notification or looking at details keeps opening the Quick Panel. This unintended triggering of the Quick Panel is caused by the bug in the OneUI 6.1 update. This disrupts the user experience and causes inconvenience in daily device usage.

Samsung’s Response and Commitment to Resolving the Issue

In response to the widespread user complaints, Samsung community moderators have taken note of the problem and expressed their commitment to addressing it effectively. They have acknowledged the feedback received from numerous users and are actively engaged in developing software updates to rectify the quick panel malfunction on devices running One UI 6.1. The moderators have issued an apology for the inconvenience caused to users and have assured them that corrective measures are underway.

The Samsung Community Manager said

Hello Customer

We apologize for any inconvenience when using the device. We plan to fix the problem you mentioned and release improved software, so please keep your phone up to date. We apologize once again for the inconvenience caused, and please wait a little while for the software update.

Thank you for your interest in Galaxy products.

Thank you

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Software Update Timeline and User Expectations

Galaxy users eagerly anticipate the forthcoming software updates that will rectify the quick panel bug. Samsung’s commitment to resolving this issue promptly reflects their dedication to enhancing user satisfaction and ensuring a seamless user experience on their devices. The timeline for the release of the software updates remains a focal point for users.

One UI 6.1

Unfortunately, Samsung did not announce a specific timeline for the release of the update. Nevertheless, we know Samsung put in a lot of effort to improve its devices. Since it has acknowledged the issue, the update should arrive in the coming weeks. If you are currently facing this issue, there is hope and all you need is a little patience. If we get any information regarding the release of the update, we will update this article.

Enhancing User Experience and Device Functionality

The resolution of the quick panel bug in the One UI 6.1 update is very crucial. This is because it will improve the overall user experience and functionality of Galaxy devices. By addressing this issue promptly, Samsung also aims to restore the smooth operation of the quick panel feature. Samsung ensures that users can interact with notifications and access details without encountering unintended disruptions. The forthcoming software updates should enhance the usability and performance of Galaxy devices running on One UI 6.1.


In conclusion, the acknowledgement of the quick panel bug in the One UI 6.1 update by Samsung community moderators signifies a proactive approach to resolving user-reported issues promptly. The commitment to providing software updates to address this bug demonstrates Samsung’s dedication to enhancing user satisfaction. The company also strive to ensure a seamless user experience on Galaxy devices. As users await the forthcoming updates, the focus remains on improving device functionality and usability to deliver an optimal user experience for Galaxy users worldwide. Since there is no update for now, it will be best for users to avoid tapping notifications or looking at details.

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