Microsoft Unveils Exciting Lineup at June 2024 Xbox Games Showcase

Every June, Microsoft and Xbox prepare to show off new games from their teams and studios. This used to happen at the E3 Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, but E3 has closed down. Now, Microsoft organizes a smaller event at its Microsoft Theatre in LA, and they also stream it live to present their games.

In the blog post, Microsoft doesn’t give away a lot, except for the image above. They emphasized that the show will be live on all their usual channels, like, on Sunday, June 9, 2024, at 10 AM PT.

“Today, we announced that this year’s Xbox Games Showcase will happen on Sunday, June 9 at 10:00 a.m. PT. Just like last year when we had Starfield Direct right after the Showcase, this year we will also have a special deep-dive into the next part of a beloved franchise right after the main event. We can’t share many details yet, so for now, we’re calling it the Xbox Games Showcase followed by [redacted] Direct.”

“This year’s Showcase will be the first to feature games from our portfolio of studios, including Activision, Blizzard, Bethesda, and Xbox Game Studios, as well as titles from our third-party partners.

You can watch both of our June 9 livestreams live on various channels, and they will be available in over 30 languages, including American Sign Language and English Audio Descriptions. We’ll provide more details about on-site accessibility later.”

What to Expect this June from Xbox Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft’s major showcases are often a highlight for the Xbox brand. They provide updates on known games and surprise us with big reveals. Many upcoming Xbox games like Perfect Dark, Fable, and State of Decay 3 have been hidden away for a long time. Since these games have been in development for so long, we might see any of them at this event. Additionally, Microsoft is under increasing pressure to start releasing games from its major acquisitions.

Gizchina News of the week

The mysterious [redacted] iconography is almost definitely for the next Call of Duty: Black Ops game. At first, I thought it might be related to Ubisoft’s The Division 2 because of the orange theme and Washington D.C. background, but that seems unlikely. I also considered State of Decay 3, especially with the orange theme and the 3-headed hound symbol which could represent the game’s third installment. However, Call of Duty fits much better, especially with the Black Ops-style redactions. This year’s Call of Duty is expected to be developed by Treyarch and set in the Gulf War. It’s also noted for having one of the longest development cycles for a Call of Duty game in recent times.

Activision, ZeniMax and Xbox Under One Roof Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft has mentioned that this is the first event to bring together Activision, ZeniMax, and Xbox all under one roof. So, you can expect a huge amount of new content from every direction.

The showcase event happens during a strange time for Xbox. Usually, Xbox’s biggest fans and most dedicated players watch these events. However, Microsoft’s plan to start sharing its exclusive games with other platforms might affect this show. Now, whenever a game is announced, people will wonder “when” it will be available on PlayStation or Nintendo consoles, not “if” it will. It will be interesting to see how fans both within and outside the Xbox ecosystem respond to the show.


In conclusion, the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9th promises a wealth of new information. With the inclusion of Activision, Blizzard, and Bethesda studios, alongside Xbox Game Studios and third-party partners, we can expect a diverse range of reveals. While the mysterious [redacted] event hints at Call of Duty, the true highlight might be long-awaited titles like Perfect Dark, Fable, or State of Decay 3 finally emerging from the shadows. This showcase arrives at a pivotal moment for Xbox, navigating the changing landscape of exclusive titles and platform availability. Regardless, fans have much to anticipate as Microsoft prepares to unveil its latest gaming lineup.

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