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Android 14 introduced welcome customization options for the lock screen, allowing users to modify the clock style and the two widgets below it. However, when compared to the iPhone’s Lock Screen, Android’s version still seems somewhat restricted, primarily due to fewer widget options. Looking ahead, Google might reintroduce lock screen widgets with some modifications in Android 15, but possibly limit them to tablets only. For phones, there are reports suggesting that Google could draw inspiration from the iPhone, possibly by incorporating one of its notable features into Android 15 to enhance the functionality of its lock screen.

Apple’s Live Activity Feature Coming to Android LockscreenAndroid Lockscreen

In an article for Android Authority, Android expert Mishaal Rahman reports that Google plans to borrow from iPhone’s Live Activities feature to enhance Android 15’s lock screen on phones. Specifically, Google aims to expand its At a Glance widget by integrating the RemoteViews API—currently used by Android widgets—into the Smartspace API of At a Glance. This integration is intended to bring more dynamic and useful widget capabilities to the lock screen, making it more interactive and informative for users.

Mishaal Rahman suggests that Google’s planned updates could theoretically enable the At a Glance feature on Android 15’s Lockscreen to display third-party widgets. However, this implementation is facing several challenges. Primarily, At a Glance typically does not have enough space to show full-size widgets, which means Google would need to dynamically resize these widgets to fit the limited available space.

Currently, as indicated in the demonstrations, At a Glance appears to be extracting only the relevant information from third-party widgets and displaying this data, rather than showing the entire widget. This approach allows for a cleaner and more integrated appearance on the lock screen, ensuring that the essential information is accessible without overcrowding the display.

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At a Glance is Currently Available on Google Pixel Devices Android Lockscreen

Another complication arises from the fact that, currently, the At a Glance widget on the lock screen is exclusive to Pixel devices. If Google plans to use At a Glance to introduce third-party widget support on the lock screens of Android phones more broadly, it will need to collaborate with other device manufacturers to extend the availability of this widget to their models. As it stands, non-Pixel phones can only utilize the At a Glance widget on their home screens, and even then, it’s not fully functional. This limitation would require a more unified approach across different Android ecosystems to ensure a consistent and functional experience for all Android users.

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Google is contemplating a design adjustment for the At a Glance widget by potentially moving it to the bottom of the lock screen. Mishaal Rahman was able to activate this configuration by enabling some hidden flags in Android 15 Beta 1.2, demonstrating its feasibility. However, it remains uncertain whether Google will finalize and implement this change. The decision to reposition the widget could depend on user feedback from the beta testing and further internal evaluations on usability and aesthetic considerations.

Availability of the Upcoming Android Lockscreen Widget

Currently, it’s uncertain whether Google will roll out Live Activities-like widget support in Android 15. The feature is still in its early development stages and may not be fully prepared in time for the operating system’s release later this year. Google may need more time to refine the functionality and ensure it meets user expectations and performance standards before officially introducing it.

If the new widget feature for the lock screen isn’t ready in time for the release of Android 15, it might wait until the launch of Android 16 in 2025. However, if Google is planning to introduce this enhanced lock screen experience with Android 15, we can expect to hear more about it during the upcoming Google I/O event next month. This conference would be an ideal platform for Google to showcase any significant updates and improvements to the Android operating system.

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