Nintendo Switch 2 Leaks: New Screen Size and Backwards Compatibility Update Revealed

Rumors about the Nintendo Switch 2 have been circulating for some time and are intensifying as we approach a possible launch in June, provided the release hasn’t been delayed until next year. A recent surge of rumors has sparked further excitement, covering various aspects from screen size to backward compatibility.

One key area of focus has been the Joy-Con controllers. According to earlier reports, these are expected to feature new types of connections. Recent information from IGN, citing a third-party manufacturer named Mobapad, supports last week’s claims from a Spanish outlet called Vandal about these new Joy-Cons.

The report suggests that the new Joy-Cons will be larger than the current models and will connect to the Switch differently. Instead of using the traditional sliding rail mechanism, they are said to employ electromagnetic suction. This new method could potentially improve the durability and ease of attaching and detaching the controllers from the console.

Furthermore, there are reports suggesting improvements to the Joy-Con controllers’ design for the rumored Nintendo Switch 2. Specifically, the SL and SR buttons on the Joy-Cons are going to be metallic this time, which could enhance their durability and tactile feel. There are also mentions of new buttons coming to the controllers, although it remains unclear what functions these new additions will serve. These changes are anticipated to enrich the overall gaming experience, possibly introducing new gameplay features or enhancing control options.

Existing Controllers will be Compatible with the New Nintendo Switch 2 Nintendo Switch 2

In terms of compatibility, Mobapad has indicated that the existing Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller will be compatible with the Nintendo switch 2. This is good news for players who already own these accessories, as they can continue using them with the new system. Additionally, the cartridge slot on the Nintendo Switch 2 may also accept current Switch game cartridges, ensuring that players can carry over their existing game libraries.

However, it’s not yet clear if games developed specifically for the Nintendo Switch 2 will be playable on the older Nintendo Switch models. This could depend on the hardware capabilities and specific features utilized by the new games.

This ongoing compatibility is a significant aspect as it helps ease the transition for current Switch owners who are considering upgrading to the new system, while also maintaining value in their existing game collection and accessories.

Nintendo Switch 2 to Feature a Larger ScreenNintendo Switch 2

According to the latest leaks, the Nintendo Switch 2 could be larger than its predecessor. It’s will feature an 8-inch display with a resolution of 1080p as per rumors. In contrast, the current Nintendo Switch model has a 7-inch screen that only supports 1080p resolution when it connects to a TV via the dock. This upgrade means that the new Switch would offer higher resolution graphics directly on the device itself. This will enhance visual quality and immersion for handheld gameplay. This is a significant improvement, catering to users who prefer playing in handheld mode but want the visual fidelity usually for when they dock their device.

New Docking Station for the Nintendo Switch 2Nintendo Switch 2

The latest reports also suggest changes to the Nintendo Switch dock, aligning with the launch of the Switch 2. The new generation dock is going to support 4K resolution output, which is a significant upgrade from the current dock that supports up to 1080p when connected to a TV. This enhancement will allow for higher-resolution gaming on larger screens, providing a more immersive and visually stunning experience for players. This change underscores Nintendo’s commitment to improving the versatility and performance of the Switch platform, catering to both portable players and those who prefer a traditional console gaming experience on their TVs.

Mobapad’s information about the new dock for the Nintendo Switch 2 reveals an interesting addition: a damping bracket on the back designed to allow for a greater range of adjustable angles. This feature could potentially enhance the functionality of the dock, although its specific purpose remains unclear.

A whole New Dock Design Nintendo Switch 2

Current Switch docks have a simple design that resembles a small toaster, primarily serving to hold the Switch upright while it connects to a TV and charges. These docks cover most of the device, except for the screen. The introduction of a damping bracket suggests a more versatile design that might accommodate different viewing angles or improve the overall stability and usability of the dock, especially when interacting with the touchscreen in a semi-docked state.

This change could also be a direct response to the popularity of third-party docks, which often have smaller profiles and do not feature walls that cover the Switch, providing easier access to the device’s buttons and ports while docked. It seems Nintendo might be looking to incorporate some of these more flexible design elements into their official product to enhance user experience.


In conclusion, the recent leaks surrounding the Nintendo Switch 2 paint a picture of a more powerful and refined console. The larger screen, improved Joy-Cons, and upgraded dock all suggest a significant leap forward in terms of performance and user experience. Backward compatibility with existing Joy-Cons, Pro Controllers, and game cartridges ensures a smooth transition for current Switch owners, making the upgrade more appealing. While the exact release date and specific features remain shrouded in mystery, Nintendo seems poised to offer a compelling successor that builds upon the success of the original Switch, catering to both handheld and TV-based gaming preferences. With rumors swirling and anticipation building, it’s clear that the next chapter in the Nintendo Switch saga is upon us, promising an exciting evolution for the beloved console.

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