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Origem HS-3 wireless headphones review: fully featured!

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Getting a quality quad driver in-ear headphones can be quite a costly enterprise, because models like 1more can cost up to $200. For all more …

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Onikuma K6

The day after Thanksgiving Day is informally dubbed as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which also marks the start of Christmas shopping season. If you’ve …

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The CUBOT brand is mainly known for producing smartphones, but recently they have opened another product line of audio equipment. First piece from the lineup …

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Xiaomi 70mai Pro

Car DVR cams are already quite a mandatory accessory for majority of the car owners, because they are serving in many roles ranging from security …

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Tribit X1

True wireless earbuds are pretty popular recently, because for sport activities it’s really comfy not to bother with wires whatsoever. And of course you need …

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During the recent Hong Kong Global Sources exhibition we have seen the release of the CUBOT Quest as the world’s first sports phone, but the …

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Astrotec S70

Seems like there is another very interesting model coming for all the music lovers out there, because the Astrotec S70 wireless earbuds look pretty promising. …

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When it comes to budget gaming headsets, most gamers wouldn’t expect too much on the build quality and sound performance. Inexpensive gaming headsets give an …

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Alongside the Nokia 7.1, Nokia also took the opportunity to release the new Nokia True Wireless Earbuds and Nokia Pro Wireless Earphones.

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Onikuma K1 Pro

When it comes to budget gaming headsets, most gamers wouldn’t expect too much on the build quality and sound performance. Inexpensive gaming headsets give an …

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Samsung Electronics have just unveiled the latest bunch of wireless headphones from the AKG stable, the AKG N700NC, Y500 and Y100.

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mi max 3

The Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is the latest phablet coming from the Chinese tech giant. The handset launched back in July does indeed sport a …

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Do you own a dumb TV? Well, alright, let’s call it “not smart”? Or maybe you do own a “smart TV” but the software is …

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ACIL H1 Earbuds

As the saying goes, “You pay what you get”. For earbuds lovers, it is widely believed that you need to pay a higher price to …

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Electronics manufacturer – Wavefun – specialized in high-quality earphones are now holding their 2 years Anniversary starting today August 16th up until August 18th (USA …

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Online store Lightinthebox just launched a new lineup of smart devices under the brand of WAZA. If you were looking for anything that goes from …

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Oukitel W1

The summer season is approaching along with its warm and pleasant weather. You’re probably out in the open more often than not, so why don’t …

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Today we have two really interesting products coming straight from the Lightinthebox online store, we’re talking about the latest Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter and the Creality 3D …

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Onikuma K9

Usually, a better weapon will help a soldier win a fight, unless an outstanding fighting strategy is involved. The same could be said for gaming, …

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xiaomi ai13

After the insane amount of deals we posted yesterday on Xiaomi’s latest lineup of phones, the Mi 8, Mi Max 3 and Mi A2. Today …

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