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Following months of leaks and rumors, LG mobile a while ago finally unwrapped the latest in its V series lineup – the LG V40 ThinQ. …

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Apple iPad 9.7-inch (2018)

Rumors have it that Apple is tipped to launch two new iPads in 2018 – an entry-level Apple iPad and a new iPad pro, well, …

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Matrix PowerWatch X

Last year at the CES, Matrix claimed the last Gadgets standing award courtesy of its Body-heat-powered Matrix PowerWatch . Fast forward to the CES 2018, the …

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Of all the things that we suggest you do not try with your Android phone, boiling them in water has to be right up there!

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Chinese rugged smartphones have moved on leaps and bounds since they were first introduced, a good example of that is the new Nomu S30.

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Chinese phonemaker company Shenzhen Xin KingBrand Enterprises Co. Ltd is an established name on the market and managed to produce the rugged devices under the …

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