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We are getting more and more news tidbits from the phone maker Vernee about their upcoming Thor model and even though we would also like …

vernee thor

Vernee’s fingerprint equipped Thor smartphone has become one of the first MT6753 phones to receive FIDO alliance certification which could mean super simple fingerprint logins for more services and apps.

vernee thor

The Vernee Thor might be a budget phone, but that hasn’t stopped the brand from taking the phone and comparing it to more expensive rivals.

vernee apollo 6gb ram phone

Vernee are shocking us once again today, not with outlandish specs, but the pricing for their flagship Vernee Apollo smartphone.

vernee thor

New brand Vernee have released the first real photos of their Vernee Thor smartphone along with details that it will cost only $129.99.

vernee thor uber phone

Vernee might be a new name in the world of the Chinese smartphone market, but already they are getting some high profile attention.

vernee apollo mediatek helio x20

Remember the Vernee Apollo that claimed to have a Helio X20 chipset and other top end features? Well it’s just been spotted at Mediatek’s Helio X20 launch in China with Yenchi Lee.

vernee apollo helio x20

Vernee are an all new brand with an all new phone named the Vernee Apollo boasting a Helio X20 chipset and 21 mega-pixel rear camera.