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Zeblaze Crystal 2

Zeblaze is back in the news with another really interesting smart wearable, we’re talking about the Zeblaze Crystal 2. The smartwatch is now on presale …

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NO.1 F18

Sweet news today for our fellow readers! NO.1 did indeed decide to choose our platform to launch a giveaway for their NO.1 F18 smartwatch. NO.1 …

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NO.1 F18

One of the most active manufacturers in the wearables industry is the China-based NO.1 brand. The company has an incredibly long lineup of smartwatches and …

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Zeblaze Vibe 3

Is the new Xiaomi Amazfit health band wearable worth it? Find out here as we take it for a spin while trying to answer the very question!

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Do you own a Microwear smart watch or smart bracelet that you usually wear it outside when you’re either walking, running, climbing, playing basketball and …

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Elephone W7 smart band

Around a month back, phone manufacturer with their hands in the wearables business – Elephone – launched their latest smart band – the Elephone W7. …

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Lenovo Watch 9

Smartwatches  and smart wearables are already an integral part of our lives with many users deeply falling in love with the concept of a instant …

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Ckyrin S10

Following the official review from Ckyrin, the Ckyrin S10 has now become an incredibly demanded smartwatch requested by lots of interested customers. That’s probably why …

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Zeblaze Plug C Review

Is the new Xiaomi Amazfit health band wearable worth it? Find out here as we take it for a spin while trying to answer the very question!

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Microwear X6

Chinese wearables maker Microwear has dozens of smartwatches on the market but not too many of them would fit well on a girl/woman wrist. That’s …

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Microwear recently released two new products one of which is the premium Microwear L2 smartwatch, the other is a smart bracelet called Microwear X2 or …

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Microwear is a Chinese brand that mostly dabbles in accessories like sports watches, fitness bands, and Android watches. It is a seven-year-old brand whose latest …

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Ckyrin S10

A gadget provided with multiple features is inherently better compared to those coming with less features. The Ckyrin S10 – as a new comer in …

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Different clothes are made for different occasions. In a business meeting, we’ll choose a suit to make us look more formal, meanwhile when going out …

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AlLCall W2

Maybe it’s because of the warm weather which brings people to the beach where they realize they’ve to put up some weight and they need …

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Zeblaze Plug C

The Zeblaze Plug C is one of the most interesting smart bands launched in the past months. The device is filled with lots of features, …

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ckyrin s10

If you are a person that works out, then you’re probably stuck with a single exercise or sport you practice every other day. While that …

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Ckyrin S10

Convenience is the motivation that makes oneself improve and develop. A product has to bring convenience to your life in order to be considered a …

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Ckyrin S10

As a famous sentence said, “never judge a book from its cover”. However, it is always the first impression that lasts for a long time …

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No. 1 F13

The No.1 smartwatch makers are really working around the clock, because they are really putting out the models with a machine gun pace. The latest …

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