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At GearBest, our company vision is simple: to become the premier online electronics seller by providing an unparalleled selection of the very best gadgets, an unbeatable shopping experience, prompt shipping and exceptional customer service that exceeds expectations.

For us, the customer is always king. Our total commitment to customers empowers us to work closely together with every customer. When you buy from us, the sale is not complete when we ship your order, it is complete when you are totally satisfied.


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  1. Peter Sun
    December 12, 2014

    I would definitely recommend everyone who visits to not make a purchase. Even though prices are low and it may look enticing, the company is mired in deceptive business practices and terrible customer service. On November 6th I ordered an NFC reader from their site on the pretense that it would take 6-14 business days to ship to Canada. This is listed on their website:

    When I got the confirmation email that it would take 3-5 business days for the package to dispatch:

    After waiting for two weeks, it finally shipped November 17th. When I contacted customer service, as polite as they were, they told me to wait and worded their response as if I was impatient and I needed to wait longer. According to Ebby the customer service rep, it would 10–25 business days for my order to ship. As much as she was polite and as much as I iterated my issues and reasons I was upset as I just mentioned, it seemed like she just ignored what I said and kept reiterating the time it would take to ship. After trying to tell her again and again why I was upset she ignored my response for at least a week when I asked to see the updated shipment location since the shipment tracker that I had didn’t update ever since it left China.

    • Colt
      December 16, 2014

      Did you ever get the shipment? I messed up and ordered something a while back.

      • Peter Sun
        December 18, 2014


    • Jo
      December 4, 2019

      Absolutely terrible firm. The laptop I bought was incompatible with anything UK based. The screen quality was awful and the webcam unusable as it was keyboard height. The plug socket was a safety hazard and there was no @key.
      Gearbest were not helpful, they asked for photos, videos, refused a refund and tried to take as long as possible, so that I would lose my legal rights. Then they offered a part refund and changed their minds. Recognising they are based over 3 different countries, in 2 continents I could see they felt they could rip me off. Escalating the issue to PayPal is what sorted the situation out. Do not use this company if you are UK based, their equipment has euro sockets, no USB, or jack inputs and they are not actually based in Europe I think, so try not to adhere to EU laws and standards. For me it’s a lesson learned to buy from local suppliers.

  2. Ayush Mittal
    December 26, 2014

    Guys This Is The Worst Site ever made for online shopping as i think.
    At least i had the worst shopping experience with it .

    Its Been 25 days and i have still not received my order .
    First They Don’t Reply To Tickets
    And If They Do They Have Just One Thing “Keep Patience”
    They Offer GB Points For Your Wait ( As i come to know by my experience and other reviews) but guys its waste coz what will you do of them if you dont receive your orders
    You Will Just Be Giving Them More Of Your Money To Steal
    So I Came To Warn And Share My Experience
    Whatever The Case Maybe However Cheap You Find The Product on this website just dont shop from it
    Safe Shopping
    Ayush Mittal
    Order No.: WW1412042328347526

  3. Kelly Loughney
    January 12, 2015

    I order something from this place two weeks before Christmas for my 5 yr and to this day I still have not received product or my money back I will never ever order from this company again

  4. Bob Loblaw
    March 6, 2015

    elliotleech you fraud, especially the way you act is obviously not fair.

    • Elliot Leech
      March 10, 2015

      I’m not a fruad and am just a regular customer from the UK. They have replied to my problems easily and quickly. So I have no complaints. Sorry about looking like a fruad
      Elliot L

      • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz
        July 2, 2015

        Hmm strange..You’re from the UK, but you don’t know what is FRAUD, not fruad! Definitely a fake user!

  5. Chris Quinteros
    March 12, 2015

    I ordered headphones from here in Mid-January, didn’t get shipped until about a week later, it’s been almost two months and I still haven’t gotten them yet, and they said I didn’t request a tracking number but I remember I did, they say they’ll resend but want me to pay for a new tracking number.

  6. James
    March 19, 2015

    I had my first order containing 3 led color changing lights with remotes and a Rwatch. Shipping took almost a month. Finally received my purchase and one of the remotes was missing. One month later the watch quit working. No use trying to get in touch with them.I have emailed several times explaining but they don’t understand English! They are so animated!

  7. Frustrated customer
    March 21, 2015

    I wish I could read this website before ordering from them. I have the same shipping issue. Ordered almost a month ago, took a week to ship and was told it would take 7-25business days to ship it to me. On their website it states 6-14 business days to USA. Now almost a month passed my ordering date, I am still waiting for it. I wonder if they would let you return the order.

  8. sudhakaran
    March 23, 2015

    I ordered around 27 watches , It was very worst and quality is very bad. After selling the product the is no proper support and for return policy is very bad. return shipment fee we need to pay and after deliver we need to wait for 45 days for their process.

  9. Tobby
    March 26, 2015

    Extremely unpleasant experience with GearBest

    Even though there were many warnings and bad experiences with Gearbest all over the Internet, three months ago I bought some products from them. There were several problems, but describing these on forums and sending couple of messages helped solving these problems.
    They even gave me some points as compensation and, at that time, I thought they are good sellers and we should accept that everybody make mistakes. I corrected my negative reviews, and for me everything was fine. I placed a fourth order and the order arrived perfectly couple of weeks later.

    Today is “the Grand Finale”, having all the reasons to say that you shouldn’t buy from GearBest because they are liars and cannot be trusted. Their lies and their unethical methods, don’t only affect the buyers but also, the other sellers (so no one wins, excepting GearBest).

    This conclusion comes after they cancelled my last 3 orders I placed on their website. The payment was made using my verified PayPal account. The old orders on GearBest were also paid using the same PayPal account.
    After inquiring about this problem on their website, I found that: “Due to the previous business is not unpleasant,so we don’t want to coperate with you.” (original GearBest’s answer).
    I did my best to solve this problem and in 10 days I opened 5 tickets on their website, had 9 chat sessions (during 5 different days) and sending 2 emails to them. I wanted to find the clear reason of why my orders were cancelled (i.e., how they define “unpleasant businesses”).
    Here you have one of my last discussion with them which proves I’m right:

    Welcome to Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    You are now chatting with ‘GearBest’
    Customer: Hello
    Customer: I already paid for 3 dascahms and the payment was accepted. Yesterday I find that “Our Risk control department are unable to confirm security of the payment” and you have cancelled my new orders.
    >>GearBest: Have you choosed a shippingmethod?
    Customer: Yes, of course
    >>GearBest: Could you tell me the shipping cost?
    Customer: it was free
    Customer: I chose free shipping 🙂
    >>GearBest: so sorry for my mistake
    Customer: don’t worry, everyone makes mistakes
    Customer: Now, the question is: how can I solve this problem ?
    >>GearBest: Do you have write review about gearbest on forum
    >>GearBest: ?
    Customer: Yes I do; not for the last days. I don’t want to accuse someone for nothing.
    Customer: That’s why I do my best to fix this problem
    Customer: Also, you cheated on Most of the reviews are bogus. But, then again, some forums are more important
    >>GearBest: I’m so sorry for hearing that
    >>GearBest: it may caused by the review
    >>GearBest: our company will cannot accept your order now
    Customer: why ?
    Customer: my PayPal account is verified and OK
    >>GearBest: yes,your payment is ok
    Customer: so ? I thought we solved the problems between us some time ago
    >>GearBest: so sorry
    Customer: I understand: you’re sorry. I’d like to know why my orders aren’t accepted ?
    >>GearBest: it may caused by you have write review on forum and the content of review is not very good.
    Customer: The reviews were corrected long time ago. I also had my part of blame
    >>GearBest: so sorry for hearing that
    >>GearBest: if you have some problem we will try our best to solve it for you
    Customer: Yes, there is a problem: my orders were cancelled. Now, the question is: how can I solve this problem ?
    >>GearBest: so sorry
    >>GearBest: we cannot accept your order for the time being
    Customer: Why not ? As long as I did everything right, why you can’t accept my orders ?
    >>GearBest: because you have a not good experience on gearbest,the financial department just want to make sure the interest of company,I hope you can understand that
    Customer: I don’t understand. What do I have to do in order to have “a good experience” ? As long as the payment is not at risk, then I see no problem in accepting my orders.
    >>GearBest: we nee protecting the reputation of our company.
    Customer: Yes, I understand that, and as I wrote: I corrected my reviews. I even recommended your website (I can prove that).
    Customer: Don’t get me wrong: if I recommended your website it wasn’t because I was afraid you’ll cancel my orders, but because I thought you’re an honest seller.
    Customer: Now I’d like to know: are you ? or are you not ?
    >>GearBest: if you write a good review on forum,we will send 500points to you however,
    >>GearBest: I’m so sorry for inconvenience we caused
    Chat session has ended.Thanks for your chatting.
    You are not currently in a chat session.

    The conclusions on my experience with GearBest:
    1. Hopping the customer will drop the case, they will ask you wrong questions and repeat them all over again. Also, they will not answer for minutes or close the chat sessions.
    2. They fake the reviews with the help of some customers who prostitutes for couple of dollars. For example, in 2 months their ratting on Resellerratings jumped from 3.XX/10 to 8.XX/10. Many customers who positively reviewed GearBest have only that review. That’s strange, because there are more chances the customers explicitly search on internet where to write their negative experiences rather than praising the sellers.
    3. Under Gearbest politics, “protecting the reputation of our company” is to hide the problems (rather than solving them) and to lie the customer. Any customer who’s not happy with their bad services becomes undesirable.
    4. If you have a problem with them, keep your mouth shut. Otherwise if you have some fidelity points, you’ll become undesirable and lose them completely. For example I had 377 Points=$7.54 Credits and this is their answer:
    Customer: I’m asking about my 377 Points = $7.54 Credits
    >>GearBest: could you tell me which order you have used points?
    Customer: I haven’t used the points
    Customer: you gave them to me
    Customer: I’d like to know how I could use these points (or get the money from you) ?
    >>GearBest: SORRY
    >>GearBest: you cannot use it now
    Customer: so, they are lost, correct ?
    >>GearBest: yes
    Customer: Ok, that’s a fair deal 🙂

  10. antonio yoma
    March 27, 2015

    i ordered 5 items but only 4 arrived. 1 is missing. could you please send me that 1 item as soon as possible.

  11. Brian Keller
    April 20, 2015

    Worst experience using online ordering. After providing payment information for a $175 order they requested I email them front and back copies of my credit card and drivers license. I cancelled the order and actually received a confirmation email the order was cancelled. Gearbest still withdrew $180 from my account (handling fee). I opened a ticket with them complaining about the withdrawal. They stated they would refund the money and another email stating they had refunded it. This was over a week ago and no refunds have been provided yet. Also, there is no further responses to my multiple requests. The phone number for support is only an answering machine. Stay away from this company.

  12. Brian Keller
    April 20, 2015

    0 percent trust on this scam adviser site:

  13. Mike udut
    April 22, 2015

    Sometimes you get what you ordered
    Sometimes you dont….never again

  14. Thet Lwin
    May 6, 2015

    I wish I checked this site before I ordered. I placed my (very first) order on 4/22/2015. I received a message today (5/6/2015) that they do not have one of the items. So I requested refund, instead of their stupid credit. I tried their online chat to see where are the other items. What a joke, I am waiting a queue of 18 people before me? I thought if I can do paypal, must be trusted place to order. Live and learn. Stop ordering anything from China….

  15. Ed
    June 2, 2015

    Horrible experience. They cannot give me a more definitive response to my questions,

    Let me give you a run down of the timeline:

    3/19 – Order Placed on Pre-order

    3/28 – Funds removed from account

    4/17 – Item still not arrived, inquiry sent

    End April – Told item was not in stock, wait til early May

    Early May – Told item was actually in stock, mistake made, wait 1 week

    5/18 – Told QC check incomplete, told to wait more

    5/20 – Told that the item will be shipped the following week

    5/29 – Told to wait longer

    5/31 – Told to wait longer, there is no stock til early June.

    Keep note…to this date…I have WAITED 73 DAYS since Pre-Order, (57 days since the actual release of the item, April 4th). And they still have no answers for me. It’s been a heck of a back and fourth. And completely frustrating. Not to mention they still have my funds and are slow to refund.

    To save …I wanna say 4 Dollars from somewhere else I could have purchased…not worth the hassle.

    DO NOT! I warn you…DO NOT! Buy from this site…You may not ever get your item.

  16. enock simon
    June 20, 2015

    as for my side i can not say directly this site is not good or it is good i have placed more than 8 orders with this site, and face good time and bad time, i will tell you what are my bad time with this site clothes are not good as shown in picture be carefully when you purchase clothes, other products like watches, bracelet and other devices are good as shown in picture and are real and i can advice you to purchase them, things to consider pay for track number and insurance are good way to have guarantee your order will reach to you in a time manner, another issue is refund for refunds no problem they offer two best ways for refunds GB wallet and returns to your card directly, more than two times the site was able to refund me and i prefer GB wallet method, The biggest problem which i encounter this time is customer support center via message it is not possible to open the page since no information are displayed totally white nothing on page this give me headache and start to wonder should i keep up with them or quit honestly what is the use of dealing with them if support center is not responding they need to fix that, support center should be work that is my story

  17. Yoad Feder
    June 21, 2015

    Horrible experience!
    I tride to by from them an ugos uts (smart mini pc) before purchasing i asked if they have the product on stock, i have been replied that they have 99 unit. Affter payment, i descover it out of stock. 15 days pass and they didn’t send the product to me. Affter a lot of comuniction with them that always ended with a fals answer’s and a falls promises, i decided to ask for rfund by pay pal. I will never make business with them again.
    Stay away!

  18. agunrunner
    June 28, 2015

    I have used gear best a lot of times -prices are good but you can find it for less at other stores
    most things take 30 days to arrive if you use free shipping,tracking number is useless most of time,they could improve that -sometimes its sitting in customs and you don’t know-sometimes they email you a tracking number which is better than the one on the order page,there English is not so good in email replys,they don’t seem to understand the question,i will put them down as honest sellers,i have never not received my things,i use paypal as payment,i will use them again
    if you want quicker shipping than free shipping you have to pay,i used it once for a gift,and it arrived quick but expect it to be stopped at customs,i give them 4 stars, as always get my stuff,
    I look at the deal section,where they give you a code for a few dollars off,if you use them expect to wait 30 days for shipping,i am happy with gearbest so far

  19. Vicky Grover
    July 7, 2015

    Ordered Elephone P7000 from Gearbest on 30th May in pre-sale which was supposed to end on 20th June…. since then they keep extending the pre-sale. Everytime I ask “when are you shipping”, I get a reply “please wait”.

    On top of that they keep getting orders for more, without telling prospective Buyers that they may have to wait for 2-3 months or longer…. Buyers beware.

  20. Amayzingone
    July 13, 2015

    Ordered a Cree torch 15 May 2015. It was sent out a couple of days later even after I requested a colour change. I was pleasantly surprised. But it wasnt received until 3-4 weeks later. Thats very slow delivery compared with your average eBay order from China. Subsequently decided to order a couple more Cree torches the next day (16 May). What a mistake! Order was not sent out till 11 days later (27 May) and only after I had made several inquiries as to the status of the order and asking why such a delay. Now its 13 July – 2 months since the order was placed and 7 weeks since it was shipped and still not received. I complained to customer service and they politely replied that I did not request tracking and that I need to wait till 27 July. Bullshit! No way. These guys need to get thier act together. Dispute and request for refund lodged via Paypal. No more dealings with Gearbest. No way. Never!

  21. buzz
    July 15, 2015

    absolute crap , liars and scrap products probably scrounged from the markets.

  22. Victoria
    July 29, 2015

    This company is a rip off. I purchased a tablet for my 7 year old son for his birthday last month. I ordered it in June to make sure had plenty of time to receive. I finally received 3 weeks later and tablet was working fine now there are no buttons on the tablet and asking me for a password to get into it. I have called what is said to be customer service and all I get is memory full or please leave a message. This is the most absolute awful company I have ever dealt with and will not EVER order from them again.

  23. Inzomniak
    August 1, 2015

    Excellent service for me, I ordered an Elephone P7000 on Friday morning 31st July from the UK warehouse and it arrived at 3pm on Saturday, couldn’t be happier with the phone and service.

  24. Jérémy (Mr2468601)
    August 26, 2015

    I love very much this website is very pro and the support is reactive for the information of shipping. Thanks to them I discovered 17track. The item had very good quality of fabrication for low price.

    I have placed order the 6 july 2015 my shipment is delivered in 20 days from the china to th france.

  25. tokolose
    August 27, 2015

    Simply Put SCAM they take money for item then tell you it’s not in stock. If you insist they will stall you and make excuses but still sale this item on web. I even make fake account and ask if item is in stock and they replied yes despite the fact that on my legit account they informed me that this item is out of stock and I have to wait. STAY AWAY FROM THESE CHINESE SCAMMERS.

  26. marcelo machado
    January 28, 2020

    I bought a cell phone, but dont delivered
    I bought a cell phone (order 19111100976018180480) and the tracking stops to track when arrived at Brasil, im waiting for more than 60 days and the product isnt delivered, i just want my money back.