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Huawei Mate 30 Pro

The Xiaomi MIUI development team continues to optimize advertisements, reducing the number and improving the algorithms to propose only content that can be appropriate. In …

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Some advertising network distributors have found a way to distribute promotional videos by hiding them behind normal banner ads in Android apps, so users don’t …

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While I do not like Samsung as a smartphone maker, I do like the ads they make to diss Apple. The ads are short, to …

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There are many companies that have thrown with the big two, but today Motorola has decided to one up Samsung with their new ad, and it’s hilarious.

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India’s Micromax at the fore again, this time with a smartphone that not only allows you to make calls, but also pays you to watch ads!

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We’ve all loved how the Gmail app for Android has evolved since it first came out. We all love the fact that the app is as clean and simple as it gets, and that it does not have ads or any other unwanted additions. However, going by the recent findings by folks at Android Police, this is all set to change!

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