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Andi Sykes is the founder and editor of When he's not writing about Chinese tech you can find him discussing mountain bikes at:
  • Meow

    Typo. It should be Qingting, not Qingging.

    • Andi


  • Marko

    HI all

    Dose anybody know that where I could buy this?

    • Andi

      Send us an email

  • Michael

    Does it have mc od?

  • Mike

    Does it have Mac os?
    I am interested?

  • SiGoTuri

    Hi, Andy, couldn’t find your email here on your site.
    I’m interested in purchasing one of those babies, delivered to Beijing.

  • Serg

    Yes! Dose anybody know that where I could buy this???????

  • Marko

    You can buy this only IF you are in china! They ship only to china!

  • Frei Paul

    Can you give me the name of the company in China where I can get this machine.

    I have a contact in China.


  • Paul


  • Serg

    yes… Give us a contacts!

    • Andi

      Go to and search Macbook Pro 13 in English and it should pop up.

    • Andi

      Check out Taobao and search Macbook Pro 14 sorry not 13. I can’t sell this or any other clones through the site as I’d get in big trouble, sorry.

  • Alex

    Windows Key = Fail lol

    • Andi

      Yes, seems like the ultimate oversight!

  • Richard

    Why would you go to all that trouble and leave windows keys on!? ludicrous.

  • alexis

    Any good clone with or possible to install oxs actually?