Is LG working on 4-inch iPhone 5 Screens and 7-inch iPad Screens?!

iphone 5 concept image.iphone 5 4 inch screen,iphone 5 lg screen
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iphone 5 concept image.iphone 5 4 inch screen,iphone 5 lg screen

A lot of people were very disappointed when Apple announced the iPhone 4S. We all expected a much larger screened  to appear, we even saw the many cases leaked from various manufactures, and recently heard the news that there was in fact an iPhone 5 prototype circling about which was pulled from production months before the iPhone 4S launch!

Now as the year comes to an end, iPhone 5 and iPad 3 rumors are hotting up, with the latest news coming from Korea.

The news claims that LG are currently working on new screens for both a newer larger 4-inch iPhone, and a smaller, possibly cheaper 7-inch iPad!

details of ipad 3 updates,ipad 3 lg screen,7-inch ipad 3The new 4-inch iPhone screen is said to be a Retina display and is destined for the iPhone 5 while the smaller iPad screen, actually measuring 7.35-inches is likely to arrive on a new iPad which will compete against Android tablets such as the Amazon Kindle.

iphone 5,4-inch iphone 5,lg iphone 5 leakWe won’t have long to wait to see if the iPad rumors are true, and it will be interesting to see if Apple will release a larger iPhone, after news that Steve Jobs hadn’t wanted to split the iPhone family with different sized screens.

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