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Xiaomi Tweet hints at Hong Kong M2 Launch

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xiaomi teases possible hong kong launch

It’s no secret that Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, has his eyes set on entering both the Taiwanese and Hong Kong markets, but we didn’t realise just how close the launch of the Xiaomi M2 in Hong Kong could be!

Oppo not planning to launch Find 5 in Europe?

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oppo find 5 europe

When Oppo launched the Find 5 earlier this month, many of us were under the impression they were doing so internationally, but new reports are suggesting otherwise.

4 Chinese phone makers wait until the end of the world to launch flagship handsets!

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nubia z5

The end of the world is just hours away but rather than worrying about what time the meteor will hit, or when the floods will begin, we can’t keep our minds off all the great quad-core phones expected to launch from the likes of Xiaomi, ZTE, Lenovo along with the new cloud phone from search […]

Android powered Gamepad 2 looks like a Wii U GamePad clone

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jxd nintendo wii u clone Android

Chinese electronics maker JXD have made a name, and living, for themselves by creating some of the most popular Android based handheld gaming clones available, and now the Nintendo Wii U is here they have turned their attention to the GamePad.

4.5-inch Jelly Bean Acer V360 spy shots leaked!

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acer v360 cloudphone leaked photos

Acer are looking to the mid-range market with their latest V360 cloud phone which packs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

TCL S810 is a fingerprint-proof splash-proof outdoors friendly phone

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TCL S810 is a fingerprint-proof splash-proof outdoors friendly phone

TCL are one of the more solid, less spectacular Chinese phone makers which have been making a living producing good quality feature phones, that don’t break the bank. The latest TCL S810 though adds in a fingerprint proof screen and water-resistant body.

Chi Kam’s Projector smartphone uses TI DLP technology for 50% increase in brightness

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chi kam projector smartphone china

Projector phones have always been are niche product, but as big brands such as Samsung begin to pave the way, smaller Chinese firms are jumping on the bandwagon to ride the wave.

Lenovo P770 3500mAh 29 hour phone get’s a price drop!

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lenovo p770

Lenovo’s P770 endurance phone as only been on the market for a few weeks, yet the 3500mAh, 29 hour phone has already received a price cut of $50 to boost sales.