Xiaomi responds to Xiaomi Smartwatch rumours

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Now that Xiaomi are taking over the phone market and are invading living rooms it isn’t hard to imagine the company producing a Xiaomi smartwatch but is this ever going to happen.

A few weeks ago a rumour from alleged reliable sources in Shenzhen claimed Xiaomi were mass producing an Android smartwatch with customised MIUI interface. The idea of a Xiaomi watch is a solid one, something they could sell cheaply and integrate with their handsets, TV boxes and smart TVs, but according to co-founder Liwan Jiang this is currently not the case.

Jiang went on the record to say that Xiaomi are not currently interested in the smartwatch market and want to focus on their phone and TV business, but didn’t rule out the idea would never come to light.

This is not the first time that a rumoured Xiaomi device hasn’t appeared, we are still waiting to see the launch of a WCDMA version of the Xiaomi Hongmi, a Xiaomi Android tablet and even a laptop. Will any of these products ever launch? Only time can tell.

Abbie is a self confessed Chinese phone addict! After cutting her teeth on the Meizu M9 she hasn't been able to keep away from Chinese phones keeping her ear to the ground especially for the latest Shanzhai and clone news!