The LeEco Le 2s Pro breaches the 150k AnTuTu mark

The LeEco Le 2s Pro breaches the 150k AnTuTu mark


LeEco seem to be well on course to releasing a powerhouse if these LeEco Le 2s Pro benchmarks (AnTuTu) are anything to go by! Their phones have always been exciting since the time they first came out in mid-2015. They’ve been attractive to look at, and for the most part, have had powerful specs for their time.

The upcoming Le 2s Pro is a phone shaping up to be quite a powerhouse also. Also known as ‘LeEco’s Snapdragon 821 phone‘ here at GizChina, the device is expected to be among the first ones to feature the chipset. According to fresh news from China, the Le 2s Pro’s powerful hardware translates well into processing power… or so the benchmarks indicate.

According to the same source, the LeEco Le 2s Pro is capable of going past the 150k point mark on popular benchmarking app AnTuTu. Have a look at the screenshot below, if you want visual proof.

LeEco Le 2s Pro Benchmarks:

LeEco Le 2s Pro Benchmarks

LeEco claimed to be the first makers to ship a Snapdragon 820 phone (the Le Max Pro) earlier this year, and are well on course to be the first company to offer the SD821 also. In other news, how far will the benchmark score madness take us?

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  • NextHype

    Here we are… 150k Antutu. Brainless geeks will get a hard-on, scream “take my money”, and be satisfied for 2 month having the “most powerful” phone in the world.
    Then Apple will get 170k+ with its iPhone 7 and they will feel frustrated.

    • Spuky

      then for the extra 20k+ they pay triple the price and you buy most of the apps just because you have an bitten apple.better sticking with geeks rather that with “low iq’s” selling theyr soul for an iphone…and the geeks know the difference between ios and android! So i doubt they will ever feel frustrated about that. They will probably overclock theyr phones just to prove theyr “geek” status!

      • NextHype

        An android geek overclocking his phone to obtain an iPhone 7 score is clearly proving his frustration. If not, why bother overclocking ?
        Your reasoning seems invalid.

  • realjjj

    lol you should get 50 lashes for mentioning that app.

    It’s hilarious that you add a Pro out of nowhere too.That’s your own invention i assume.
    It’s a 1080p and 4GB RAM device with x720 model number, the flagships get 9xxx model number.

    • balcobomber25

      The Pro is being mentioned by Phone Arena, Android Headlines, GSM Arena and several others as well.

  • balcobomber25

    YES!!! I wouldn’t buy it unless it got more than 149,999!!!! Finally I can brag to all my friends that my score is bigger.

    • xi7

      less better right? your evolution has always been backward , after meizu .. n.robin lol

      • balcobomber25

        The Meizu I got for free from this site and was a very good phone. The Robin I got deeply discounted from a friend and so far has been a good, not great phone. The Robin is actually going to be retired in about three days when my Honor 8 arrives.

    • Marius Cirsta

      You can always brag to your friends that yours is bigger 😀

  • Hisp

    I’ve done 157000 with my oneplus 3 with cyanogenmod. Without overclock.

  • Tommi

    OP3 stock OxygenOS 3.2.4 with basic tweaking, 146 550

  • SD830

    SD830 will change score tables.

  • Sansa

    Le Max Pro? Never heard about it.

  • Owsley_66

    Maybe this is the phone they’re planning to bring to the U.S. It would have to be something like this otherwise LeEco would just get lost in the mix