Mi Robot vacuum cleaner is real, here’s a video of it competing

We reported last week about an upcoming Xiaomi product, something Xiaomi haven’t done before — a vacuum cleaner robot. While these devices are quite the ‘in’ thing this season, it was quite surprising to see Xiaomi jump the gun.

Anyway, the Mi Robot is now more than just rumour. A video of the house-cleaning bot was found to have been posted (in China). The video shows the Mi Robot’s capabilities, specifically, capabilities compared to those of a competitor — the iRobot 800.

Both vacuum cleaners are made to do the cleaning in an identical room, and (guess what) the Mi Robot comes on top. The bot covers a larger area than the iRobot 800, and does so in lesser time.

Xiaomi are expected to shake up the robot vacuum cleaning market a little with their launch. We reviewed one in the past, and these do seem like gadgets that will be around for a bit — perhaps more so than no-name $99 ‘hoverboards’.

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