LG G6 will have a QHD+ display with 18:9 ratio?

LG G6 will have a QHD+ display with 18:9 ratio?


Well this seems to be interesting, don’t you think? According to a recent post in Korea Herald, LG plans to launch the upcoming LG G6 flagship with a QHD+ screen with 18:9 aspect ratio. The announcement was made yesterday by LG Display, stating that the wider screen would allow for a more immersive experience and would be optimized for multi-tasking and dual-screen functions.

lg g6

So according to what we know so far, LG’s next flagship will pack a 5.7-inch LCD panel with 1440 x 2880 resolution (this means 564 pixels-per-inch) and will make use of LG’s proprietary in-TOUCH technology that eliminates the need for another touch cover glass.

With out this glass, the new display will be significantly thinner (almost 1mm thinner), with even smaller bezels than previous models. So, with that said (or written) what do you think about the prospect of having a brand new LG G6 with a 18:9 display?

Let us know in the comments 😉

SOURCEKorea Herald
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  • MattD

    Only thing I know: they made the worst decision ever going from g2’s fullhd to qhd in next models… G2 was an iconic phone with wonderful design, a glorious battery life and the screen was stunning even with “just” fullhd resolution… G3, g4 and g5 all have bad battery life thanks to that stupdly over-resoluted screen…

    • Andrew P

      You could rephrase that to “phone manufacturers made the worst decision ever going from fhd to qhd”. LG is not the only manufacturer that follows the trend of high res panels.

      • MattD

        Totally! But at least samsung uses amoled screens, which have a real lower resolution (the only thing I like about amoled)… Don’t know why lg doesn’t at least use oled screens after they invested so much in this technology for their tvs… Personally, I still think a hd screen of great quality (like sharp’s) has too many advantages over a random qhd screen that I’d like to come back to old times, when hd and fhd screens were more widespread

        • balcobomber25

          OLED’s can be more efficient (not all are) but the thing I hate about OLED’s is the colors are always so over-saturated and unnatural looking. I love the displays LG uses, the problem with them is they have always used tiny batteries with qHD displays. The G5 had a 2800mAh, G4 had a 3000mAh (with a power hungry SoC).

          • Stef

            Apparently they are the most natural looking colours, it is not even a debate at this point: http://www.displaymate.com/Galaxy_Note7_ShootOut_1.htm

            The fact that Some OEMs don’t use that competitive advantage of AMOLEDs by calibrating them correctly is hardly the technology’s problem. They try too hard to make their phones’ colours “pop” losing serious detail in the process.

            Any OEM using OLED display should use different presets like Samsung does. That way you can keep them”color pop” or go for more natural colours…

            • balcobomber25

              To me they don’t look natural at all no matter what links you use. That is not going to change my opinion, you do know what an opinion is right?

            • Stef

              Yeah, opinions don’t matter in a world where colorimeters exist. You know what colorimeters are, right?

              I mean when I was stopped for speeding I told the officer “my opinion is that I was running below the speed limit” … he didn’t budge. He showed me his measurement and I told him “you won’t confuse me with silly things like evidence”, then I told him what you tell me now “you do know what an opinion is, right?”

              …he busted my ass … I still don’t get why.

            • balcobomber25

              Opinions are the only thing that matters when comes to consumers buying products. Consumers don’t buy products based on “colorimeters” they buy them based on their eyes. In this consumers eyes, LCD looks better so that’s where my money will usually go.

            • Stef

              Well consumers prefer oleds. Despite the higher cost LG TVs outsell TVs that is $1000-$2000 cheaper. OLED screens is one of the primary reasons that pulled Samsung in front of the rest, it was one of their primary competitive advantage, especially during the first few years.

              It helps that professionals agree too, if you want the best most natural viewing experience you should see any content in a well calibrated (non saturated) oled TV. Even VR and soon Apple is using oled. As its primary disadvantage goes away (cost) you’d see oleds everywhere.

              There is really no debate, moving from LCD to OLED would be the equivalent jump for the industry as when we moved from black and white TVs to color TVs. There is literally that much more detail in color and accuracy…

              There are people preferring black and white TVs of course, but they are a minority. Most often than not they need to check their eyes because (for some reason) they can’t see the extra detail that colour TVs brought.

            • balcobomber25

              Consumers prefer both displays which is why both still sell. Stef prefers OLED which clearly quite obvious, but what Stef doesn’t realize (which is a trend for you) his opinion is just that an opinion.

              For actual professionals, there is plenty of debate especially with new LCD technologies like Quantum Dot which Samsung is investing heavily in and Sharps IGZO.

            • Stef

              No debate really. I own the Samsung JS9500, pretty to look at unless and until you get a bit on the side, losing half of its colours.

              Barring costs OLEDs is the only game in town amongst professionals. Quantum dots only trying to gain time for the Samsungs of this world until they put down a way to make cheap OLEDs.

              Last year’s only TV to buy was/is the LG E6V … This year things would be similar. Now that HDR is added it’s not a competition anymore.

              Nobody that has looked at both OLED TV and a Quantum DoT preferred the quantum dot. Even in blind experiments I ran with friends. Reviews offer a similar picture. E6V is head and shoulders above anything else. LCDs are an aging joke, that Methuselah technology should be finally put down, mercy killing.

            • balcobomber25

              Last year tens of millions of tv’s were sold, most of them were LCD. Actual consumers that look at OLED and Quantum Dot do prefer the QD, as reflected by the fact they sell.

            • Stef

              Yeah because oleds are still too expensive. Now go on the high end segment and see which company sells the most. Quantum dot is not even on the same ballpark. I thought I was buying it for a steal price (half its release price) but I’m still regretting the purchase, can’t actually call friends to watch a movie, it turns into a cheap monitor when viewed from an angle (js9500 I mean)

              As long as quantum dots are cheaper they will sell more, only cinephiles and image quality enthusiasts would pay a pretty penny to buy a high end TV (thus OLED) … Once costs come down (if they ever do) LCDs would become a thing of the past. Less natural colors, twice the weight and thickness, more power hungry, losing a looot when viewed from an angle, no true blacks … There is really nothing saving them, even their brightness edge is being lost with LG’s 2017 series.

              The only thing and I mean only thing saving them actually is the need of/for rare earth elements when making an OLED screen. POLEDs are supposed to solve that too, but image quality isn’t there yet. Long story short, LCDs were never top tech and right now they are completely overpowered… We should pray for OLED prices to go down so that to be saved by the tyranny of LCDs … That dinosaur of technology

            • balcobomber25

              Sounds like you just got a shitty tv. Everyone I know with a Quantum Dot TV loves it.

            • Stef

              JS9500 is literally the best quantum dot of 2015 … Please read reviews of it … It’s them that trapped me into buying it. You *can’t* have Friends over with LCDs period … They negate half of the reason to own a TV, LCDs never had a place into the living room with the attrocious viewing angles of theirs…

              Quantum Dots are better than older LCDs still, but I know noone who own an OLED who would ever go to any LCD… It is possible to be happy with something all because you don’t know better…

              See OLEDs fall in price and see them spread like wildfire.

            • balcobomber25

              OLED’s will eventually drop in price and they will have stiff competition from Samsung as they continue to invest in QLED (Quantum). You will buy the OLED because that is what you like, other people will by the QLED because as usual Stef fails to realize his opinion doesn’t apply to everyone. You really struggle with that last part in every discussion we have.

    • balcobomber25

      The G3 was an excellent phone. After that it has been downhill for LG.

  • tako

    me i like my lg g5 ,

  • balcobomber25

    LG has always marched to the beat of their own drum. They like to do things that no one else is doing, over the last few years this has led to abysmal sales for them. The G6 needs to hit out of the ballpark in both features AND design. Design is what has been lacking with LG for a few years now. If the G6 is as much of a failure as a G5 and G4, LG won’t be making phones much longer.

    It’s sad because the G3 was one of the best phones ever created.

    • bro-reac

      I agree totally.
      LG will give all the phone you need in one unit. The G2 is my best overall LG device todate but currently running a G4 and I have to say it is amazing. As a fanboy chose it over samsung S6 which had a so-so battery life for me. The G4 lasts a day with normal use.

    • Toby

      Have you stopped taking your meds?

      • balcobomber25

        Have you stopped living in reality?