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Bluestacks Brings Whatsapp and more to the Mac!

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Exciting news for Android loving Mac users as the popular Blustacks for Mac was finally announced allowing Apple users to run Android applications direct from their dock. Keep reading for full instructions on how to install WhatsApp on a Mac!

Lack of new iMac at WWDC Got You Down? Don’t Worry There’s a Knock off for That!

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While Apple’s WWDC may have delivered the goods in respects to the new retina display Macbook Pro and the fantastic looking iOS 6, many Mac fans felt disappointed by a lack of a majorly updated Mac Mini, Mac Pro and iMac! We’ll don’t worry Mac fans China’s Shanzhai makers have you covered!

Leaked: New 13inch Macbook Pro Will Get 1280 x 800 Resolution Display and USB 3.0

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2012 13 inch macbook pro specifications leaked in China

With Apple’s annual WWDC just around the corner we are beginning to hear of rumors and leaks from around the web claming Apple will unveil a largely update Apple computer line up, and this leaked photo could be the proof!

$100 Macbook Air Clone is World’s Cheapest Laptop

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For those of us who can’t afford to buy the latest Apple laptop, or just don’t want to get caught paying an exuberant amount of Apple tax this super low cost, budget Macbook Air knock off is for you!

This Chinese 18inch All in on PC Looks Like An iMac

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fake imac specifications

Apple’s all in one iMac computer is considered the ultimate home PC by some, however the relatively high price, when compared to Windows machines keeps it out of reach for many. Well now there is this excellent iMac knock off!

New iPad 5-in-1 Connection Kit: SD, Micro SD, USB, Micro USB and TV

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all new 5 in 1 connection kit for new ipad

Forget your single USB/SD connection kits from Apple, forget the 2 in 1 connection kits, in fact don’t even bother looking at the 3 in 1 kits. This is the Daddy of all iPad dock connectors!

13.3 inch Macbook Pro Air Spotted in China?

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updated 2012 macbook pro leaked with new design china

Take a look at these photos of what appears to be a new thinner 13inch Macbook Pro laptop with out a DVD drive. Is this the real deal or is it yet another knock off maker jumping the gun? Find out after the jump.

After a Low Cost White Macbook? Then China Is the place for you!

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As the plastic bodied white  Macbook has disappeared from Apple’s lineup, Chinese factories have gone in to overdrive keeping up with what demand there still is for a budget Apple laptop model. But not all is as it appears to be.

Grefu Airbook 2 is a 14 inch Macbook Air Clone

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14 inch macbook air with large trackpad china

Do you remember last year when a little known Chinese company, Grefu, decided to all out copy the iPad 2 as their own branded Android tablet? Well they are at it again, but this time they have targeted the MBA!

Knock off Macbook Air Gets a 14inch Update!

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cheap macbook air from china

There has been a lot of talk, rumor, hope that Apple might be planning to launch larger versions of the svelte Macbook Air range of ultra books, but it seems again Chinese manufacturers are beating the big Apple to it!

Macbook Pro Air Knock Off Already On Sale

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low cost macbook pro air China

Now that the iPad 3, sorry New iPad rumors have finally been put to rest we can now start on speculating about other Apple products one of which is the new Macbook Pro with Macbook Air design, but it looks like you don’t need to wait for Apple to launch one.

iPad 3 Screen Leaked 2048×1536 Resolution Confirmed!

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For months now we have been hearing rumors of the new iPad’s, iPad 3 or iPad 2S, high resolution screen, but it seems now that MacRumors have come across some solid proof.

Proview’s iPad is actually an early iMac clone!

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what is proview ipad,proview ipad,proview vs apple,ipad trademark

Proview have managed to do what Samsung would love to. They have managed to get Apple’s iPad tablet taken off store shelves and removed from sale on e commerce sites, but what does Proview’s iPad look like anyway?

Asus Eee PC R051BX Ultra Netbook Leaked

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ASUS Eee PC R051BX leaked,asus ultrabook,asus netbook,asus eee pc R051BX hands on,asus eee pc R051BX specification,asus eee pc R051BX video

A lot of people have been commenting on the death of the netbook, due in part to low cost tablets and the new wave of ultrabooks. However this netbook with ultrabook design from Asus, the Eee PC R051BX will likely spark netbook love again!

Lenovo Launches Worlds First Android 4.0 Smart TV

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lenovo k91 tv,lenovo android ICS tv,lenovo k91 ics smart tv ces

While Apple fans wait with bated breath over the (possible) announcement of an Apple TV, Android fans can start redjoicing as Lenovo has just released details of the world’s first Android ICS smart TV.

Another look at that amazing Macbook Air Knock off

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apple macbook air knock off,13.3 inch macbook air knock off,where to buy macbook air knock off china

2011 was a year flooded in tablets all running Android OS, but the one device which will stick with us from China in 2011 is this fantastic knock off Macbook Air!

MSI Announces New Wind U180 Netbook

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msi wind u180 review,msi wind u180 specification,msi wind u180 hands on,msi wind u180 price,msi wind u180 ces,msi wind u180 release date

Who said netbooks were dead? MSI has just announced news of their latest netbook featuring a dual-core Intel Atom Cedar Trail CPU.

More Images Of Mystery Asus Tablet Appear

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asus 7-inch tablet,7-inch asus android tabelt,new 7-inch asus tablet ces

Another photo of that mystery 7-inch Asus tablet has shown up. The new shot doesn’t really give us any more details of what this new Asus tablet will be packing, but we at least now no it has a rear camera.

ITG xpPhone 2 Windows 7 Smartphone Details Released

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smartphone,windows 7,phone,ITG,iphone,pc,laptop,smartphone,winows 7 smartphone,desktop

ITG China are claiming that the latest version of the xpPhone, the xpPhone 2 Windows 7 Smartphone, is a true iPhone 4S killer! While the large Windows 7 phone certainly has the spec to beat the iPhone we’re not sure the package is enough to lure Apple’s fans.

More Xiaomi Mi2 Concepts Leaked

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more leaked images of next generation xiaomi m2 smartphone

The Xiaomi M1, thanks to it’s low price and awesome specification, is the hot phone to have in China now, and it looks like Xiaomi are planning on keeping ahead of the rest with the 2.5ghz Xiaomi Mi2!