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Leaked: First real photos of the Zopo ZP920 are in!

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zopo zp920

Following up details of the new Zopo ZP920 that were released ahead of schedule early this morning, are these leaked photos!

Still waiting for your UMi Zero? Good News is here

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umi zero review

UMi have confirmed the shipping of the latest batch of UMi Zero to resellers and more are in production.

Meizu launch the m1 note, and it’s as good as we expected!

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meizu blue charm m1 launch

Ahead of today’s announcment in Beijing there was a lot of expecation surrounding the latest Meizu phone, and what a device the m1 note is!

Exclusive: Elephone P7000 all metal JiaYu S3 killer

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elephone p7000

Another phone promised from Elephone, but this one is a gem. The Elephone P7000 has killer hardware and is firmly targetting the JiaYu S3!

UMi Zero sold out in a few minutes, more chances to buy tomorrow

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umi zero

Last week UMi released 1000 of their UMi Zero phones for sale to international customers, after selling out in a few minutes, the company are preparing a second blow out sale for tomorrow.


Blackview announce 5 new phone for 2015 line-up

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blackview ultra

Blackview, sounds like the name of a private security company doesn’t it? Well they aren’t, they are the latest smartphone manufacturer from China to try and tempt your wallet in the entry-level to mid-range market.

KingSing T8, a $99 Xiaomi Mi4 clone coming to an international reseller near you

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kingsing T8

We are seriously loosing count of the number of companies using the Xiaomi Mi4 as inspiration for their new smartphones, but however many it is here is another name to add to the list.

Elephone G7, slim octacore phone presale begins

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elephone g7

It didn’t take Elephone long to take their slim G7 phone from render to real product, and already presales have started.

Elephone P5000 full specifications revealed! Include fingerprint ID, and 4 day battery

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elephone p5000

The Elephone P5000 enters Elephone’s miss mash of phones with, home button embedded fingerprint reader, 2GB RAM and large battery.

Elephone P3000S finally goes on sale

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elephone p3000 design

After a longer than anticipated wait, the LTE equipped version of the Elephone P3000S has finally gone on sale.

UMi announced UMi Zero Pre Orders heading to stores next week

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umi zero preorders

If you have been waiting patiently for your pre ordered UMi Zero to arrive then good news! Phones will begin shipping from next week.

64bit, LTE Lenovo Note8 gets international price of $179.99

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lenovo note 8

One of the first 64bit MT6752 phones to come out of China has now been listed on reseller sites at the low price of phone $179.99!

The Kolina K100+ is possibly the best $170 phone you can buy outside of China

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Not everyone needs or has access to 4G LTE networks but still require a powerful smartphone with nice design. For those people here is the Kolina K100+.

Full Details: Vivo X5 Max launched in China, now the world’s thinnest smartphone

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vivo x5 max hero

Earlier today in China, Vivo launched their newest smartphone, and also the world’s thinnest phone to date! Here are all the details about the Vivo X5 Max.

Huawei Honor 6 Plus dual camera features Lytro style after focus

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huawei honor 6 plus

In 7 days Huawei will launch the Huawei Honor 6 Plus, the companies first dual camera phone to date.

Allwinner shows off Android TV running Android 5.0

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allwinner Android 5.0

Chinese SoC maker Allwinner have been showing off an Android TV based on their own octacore processor running the latest Android 5.0 OS.

Jiayu S3 price announced at just $162 with 3GB RAM, LTE and 64Bit SoC

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jiayu s3

If there was ever a time to be excited about the possibilities of the Chinese phone market then it is now, and the JiaYu S3 is just the start of it.

Another slim Oppo is heading to market, the Oppo R8207

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oppo r8207

While the rest of the world get tied up in Black Friday fever, the folks at the TENAA offices are still testing Chinese phones for launch, and that’s where the Oppo R8207 has just been spotted.

DOOGEE DG900 Turbo 2 Unboxing and hands on with Video

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dooggee dg900 turbo 2 review

We go hands on with DOOGEE’s latests, the DOOGEE DG900 Turbo 2 in this unboxing and hands on video and first impressions.

Updated Lenovo Vibe X2 X2Pt5 launching soon

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lenovo vibe X2Pt5

Lenovo haven’t wasted anytime producing a slightly updated version of the Lenovo Vibe X2. Codenamed the Lenovo X2 X2Pt5, the phone has already received a network license and is poised for a launch in China.