Turbo Charged Chery QQ

The Brits have the Mini, Germans the Beetle, Italians the Fiat 500 and China has the Chery QQ! The QQ has been around almost decade without much change (although a rather ugly face lift is planned for a summer launch), but still it manages to cling to a spot in the top sellers lists month after month.
Obviously the main attraction of the QQ is the very low price, but it’s cute looks, tiny City friendly size and low running costs have also helped give the little Chery a place in every Chinese motorists heart.
With its’ huge popularity it’s a bit of a surprise that Chery hadn’t produced a sports variant of the QQ years ago (all this is hopefully going to change thanks to the new QQ Me range) so the QQ tuning market was born!
The most common upgrades QQ owners give their tiny motors are:

  • A sticker of their favourite F1 track in the back window
  • A silly size wing
  • ‘Eyelids’ for the lights to make it more cute
  • And possibly a large exhaust

The owner of this QQ though has gone a little further than most and added a full race roll cage, 15 inch alloy wheels with low profile tyres, a performance air filter, Momo steering wheel, but most importantly an inter-cooler and turbo!

The owner claims this blazing yellow QQ will reach 220KM/h and has 150H/p (we’re guessing it’s the 1litre QQ although there is a very revy 800cc model too).

Images from www.gaibar.com (strange name but it really is a car site!)

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