iPad Rumor Round Up

Most of these rumors surround the iPad and its China launch, but the big one, the one everyone is going to be interested in is the news that Apple could be launching an iPad 2 with Facetime support as early as the first quarter of 2011! That’s less than a year after the original iPad hit the shelves! Could this new iPad be the iPad Mini, or iPad Nano 9.7 inch model we expected on September 1st? A smaller, lighter iPad would certainly be easy to hold up to your fact which chatting.

The news can be read here (translated by Google) but the article says it is quoting foreign media, but neglects to link back to the sources.

iPad China rumours are that the 10.1 inch touch device will launch on September 15th along with the iPhone 4.

Gizchina News of the week

Pricing is expected to be around 3800 Yuan for the WIFI and 4300 Yuan for the 3G, however sources close to Unicom keep chatting about ‘A price much lower than reported in the media’ so we could still be in for a surprise.

China Unicom have been advertising they’ll Jailbreak your iPad or iPhone for as an additional service. The same advert though contradicts the pricing rumors we’ve heard and also contradict the ‘lower than the media report’ price Unicom have been touting about.

Apparently customs have slapped a 1000 Yuan duty/fine on anyone bringing in more than one iPad to China or is thought to be smuggling the device! The new rule is in place to keep Unicom’s price competitive in the light of falling grey market prices.

Will keep you up to date with more iPad news as we get it.

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