Exclusive: Leaked Images Reveal Ubuntu Powered Tablet

Exclusive: Leaked Images Reveal Ubuntu Powered Tablet


Merry Christmas Linux and Open source fans! A new Linux powered tablet is on it’s way!

Details and pictures after the jump.

The specs aren’t yet complete but this 10 inch multi-touch tablet running Ubuntu Netbook 10.10 has an Intel Atom 1.6 Ghz CPU, 2 Gb RAM and a 32Gb SSD hard drive. The bugs are still being worked out but initial impressions are good and boot up time is almost instant!

We’ll bring you more news as the tablet develops, but if you’re interested in learning who’s helping with development there’s an Easter egg to be found in the pictures!

Merry Christmas!

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  • that’s a gift for Open Source user this year 😀

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  • Caesarivs

    What’s with the windows logo on the right of the device in the second picture?

  • Yogotiss

    I find Linux on a tablet to be rather amusing and sexy. I hope to see more of this in the future as well as in other people’s homes.

  • tinnerdxp

    Oh why oh why!!!! Not Atom people!… It doesn’t work! it’s too slow to do anything!

  • 猫鼓励


  • Jeroen

    I want a tablet running ubuntu. Its cool running ubuntu!

  • Khaled Khalil

    what does the M$ logo do on the button on the right ?

  • Matti Kitunen

    Mielenkiinnolla voi odottaa edullisia kehittyviä tablet koneita. Siihen ryhmään tämäkin tulee kuulumaan. Vuoden päästä tablet koneen voi saada ehkä jo sadalla eurolla.

  • Barry

    Ubuntu Linux is a good choice, much better than Android. However, if that screen showing the lack of an mp3 plugin is a clue, this tablet will crash ‘n burn for the mainstream user. While Linux purists may demand a pristine, open-source environment, the reality is that these third-party plugins are necessary for the tablet to work properly with the content most mainstream users will drop into it. Find a way to get QuickTime (or its equal) into this tablet and, given a competitive price (when compared to the iPad), it will succeed. However, deliver it to users in a pure, opens-source, friendly-to-geeks-only manner, and you’ve got yet another niche product that will go down in flames. Perhaps Mark Shuttleworth will grow a pair and give us a mini-Steve Jobs.

  • C. Smythe

    as usual linux underwhelms it is still lame
    on a desktop of anything else only the simplest devices with linux buried deep under propriety menus are useful, I feel the same way about iOS . . . the dumbing down of america where no one thinks for themselves . . . yah

  • BD

    I was looking for a new netbook for work to install ubuntu on, now I think I am going to wait for this!! Brilliant!

    • Another update is coming tomorrow

  • Another Ubuntu tablet has been spotted. This time with a 9.7 inch screen and iPad design!


  • Check out our hands on video with the Ubuntu Linux Tablet here:

  • Well that was six months ago. But we’ve still not seen hide nor hair of it!

    When is this tablet actually going to be available?

    • It’s all been quiet on the Linux tablet front I’m afraid…