Pine Long Ultra Thin 8 inch iPad Mini Clone

8 inch Android tablets are really taking the market by storm and are bound to be on a lot of peoples wish list for the Chinese New Year. This little beaut from Long Pine takes the 8 inch tablet to a new level though with a fully customized iOS style Android install.

If we didn’t know any better and if the home button had a familiar rounded square rather than back arrow, we may well have mistakenly posted this a an 8 inch iPad spy shot. The overall look is very similar to the iPad except for the slightly taller bezel around the home button area, that and the size which measures in at 207x157x14 mm.

The screen is an 8 inch 4:3 model with a high-resolution of 800×600 which makes it perfect for viewing Office files and PDF’s.

The rear of the Long Pine device is a very simple alloy look affair with laser etched logos and function labels. The plastic back may not be as sturdy as an alloy model but it does save weight and helps keep the WIFI signal strength up.

In the box there’s a mini USB to USB 2.0 adapter, a regular mini USB data transfer wire, head phones and charger,

At the bottom of the machine we’ve go a  single speaker, built in microphone, Mini HDMI out, a hard reset button, head phone jack. mini SD card reader and a mini USB plug.

The side gets a rocker button and switch. The switch is in fact the power switch and the rocker is a home/menu button rather than a volume rocker.

The iOS look of the Android system is really very appealing and looks a damn sight more user friendly than your default install, which will be especially good for newer tablet users.

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Check out this video of the Long Pine D8 in action:

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Prices for the Long Pine D8 haven’t been confirmed yet but judging by the spec and finish we expect it to sell for around the 1900 Yuan mark ($280).

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Via: Shanzhaiben

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