Get Free Music On Your Android Tablet

Get Free Music On Your Android Tablet


A new app called We7 promises to bring free music to Android users via it’s in ad service. The new app is part of the We7 music streaming service pioneered by ex-Genesis band member Peter Gabriel. Unlike other music streaming apps the We7 app will download and cache a playlist meaning music is stored locally on your Android device meaning even if you loose data connection you can still listen to music.

The app comes in both free (ad supported) and paid for $9.99 per month version, but is currently only available in the UK and Ireland, but there are plans to bring it to more European countries.

We7 enters a pretty competitive market place and will be going head to head with Spotify, Pandora and Last FM.

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  • james Hartley

    I have not downloaded a player yet

    • admin

      Give it a try then

      • alicat88

        You are sob

  • daniela


  • daniela


  • Myesha Bell

    There is no website I can find for free music to download can anibodi help me here

  • katrina

    hey guys (:

  • rolad


  • i cant find a website that has free music for my new adroid tablet can someone help me!!!:) 🙁