Google Owns Up To ‘Zombie’ Malware Problem

We all love the Android market for it open nature. The fact the developers can make applications quickly to whatever specifications they desire and upload them to the Android store is a great blessing and one which iOS users are green with envy about, but over the past few days Google had admitted to a rather dark problem!

Google hasn’t been vetting applications so to help speed up the process of getting a new app in the store, however this has allowed a small few rather nasty developers to add a piece of code to their applications which is able to silently download malware and collect and transmit user information.

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The ‘zombie’ virus which is only active late at night and early in the morning when most phone owners are sleeping, is known as Droiddream and has been found in application files of legitimate applications from the Android store.

Google kept quiet about the whole situation, but had to spill the beans when they were forced to use a remote delete tool which removed the tainted applications from peoples devices over the air.

Google are now planning to be more objective while approving new applications for the Android store and have taken action against the developers involved.

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