Archos Planning 1.6Ghz Tablets!

French company Archos have made quite a name of themselves over the past 10 years for producing well made but affordable media players and over the past few years competitive Android tablets.

In a recent financial meeting Archos made details known for their upcoming next generation tablets. These new tablets known as the Archos Gen 9 tablets will get the same cost effective plastic body over a stainless steel frame, the same choice of either SSD memory or traditional hard drives, but will get a hugely improved CPU which may well give the ‘premium’ tablets a run for their money.

Gizchina News of the week

The planned chip for the Gen 9 range of tablets is based on the Cortex A9 architecture and will run at a clock speed of up to 1.6Ghz! Or in other words much faster than any other tablet currently on the market!

Also new for Archos will be the introduction of it’s first 3G compatible tablets.

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