GS30 Android Tablet Soon To Launch With Apple A4 Chip and iPad Screen

Chinese factories have been making iPad clones and Android tablet for almost 2 years now. The first lot of tablets from China in the early months were nothing special and although looked good, they didn’t perform too well, however as time has gone by and technology improved as prices have dropped, the Chinese factories have recently start to produce some excellent Android tablets.

The GS30 tablet is a great tablet to look at and to use! The screen is the same IPS 9.7inch unit from LG that Apple use on the iPad, and the CPU is the same Samsung chip again found in the iPad (first generation iPad A4).

But don’t just think the GS30 is a clever clone using advanced hardware, because it has a few party tricks the iPad and iPad 2 can only dream about.

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In the iPad the 1Ghz CPU has a bottle neck by way of only having 256mb RAM, but the same 1Ghz Samsung chip in the GS30 is able to run wild with a much larger 512Mb RAM.

The GS30 also get’s one micro USB, 2 x USB 2.0, built in HDMI out, built in SD card reader, plus Bluetooth, Wi-FI and soon a 3G option!

What’s more all those nice features are assembled inside an alloy body along with a 7000mAh battery that weighs only 800 grams!

The GS30 is still in the testing phase and will go in to a limited production run later this month. Once in production the GS30 is expected to get front and rear cameras and cost around $450.
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Via: Gizchina

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