The First Android Netbook And It’s Only $76!

We have to hand it to the Chinese electronic industry, they really know how to change with the times and are really fast at doing so!

A few years back everyone had or wanted to get a netbook computer, but with Apple’s success with the iPad and with the majority of big name electronics companies getting in on the tablet game, the old netbook has been left behind.

This little 10-inch screened netbook from China though is different from those chunky Intel Atom netbooks of yesteryear though. The model here is fitted with an AMLogic Cortex A9 CPU, the same type of processor found in a number of Chinese made tablets, it also gets 4Gb of Flash memory and a 1200Mah battery.

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While we are pretty sure this little gadget isn’t likely to win any speed awards, or style awards for that matter, we confident in thinking that a $76 lightweight tablet designed for basic word processing and surfing the web could very well find a home in many students or travelers backpack!

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Via: Gizchina

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