White iPhone 4 Nano Hands On

We took our weekly pilgrimage to the local ‘Phone City’ yesterday and ran in to our old friend the iPhone 4 Nano clone, but this time the little copycat showed up in new duds and fancy new features.

The last time we got our hands on with the black iPhone 4 Nano clone we mentioned that it had a front facing camera, we’ll this time we actually got it working meaning that you could in theory video chat on the pint sized cell phone, if you can find a JAVA based app to enable it.

This newer version of the iPhone 4 Nano also get’s an auto rotate home and lock screen, and a TV tuner feature. As we were underground the pull out antenna couldn’t pick up a TV signal, but the lady at the store assured us it works well.

Other than the TV function and rotating home screen the details are the same as the black model, except for the price which has been increased to 380 Yuan ($58).

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