Watch Out Xiaomi and Oppo Meizu CEO Jack Wong is Pissed!

angry meizu CEO jack wong
Jack Wong is not happy with all the hype surrounding Xiaomi and Oppo

It has been a big week for Chinese gadget lovers, 2 great new phones from Oppo and Xiaomi have launched and have shown the world China CAN actually be original (sometimes) but not everyone is happy! Meizu CEO Jack Wong if very unhappy!

Oppo’s new X903 with its beautiful alloy body, smooth sliding keyboard and 8 mega-pixel camera, plus Xiaomi’s extremely powerful, 1.2 or 1.5Ghz CPU 1GB ROM, Android smartphones both launched this week to a huge fanfare!

oppo x903 android phone
The Oppo X902 Android smartphone is simply stunning!

Oppo’s X903 caught our attention for it’s wonderful design and celebrity endorsement, Leonardo Dicaprio is in their adverts! And Xiaomi grab our attention due to the it’s high end specification, low price and bizarre name!

xiaomi mock iphone 4 problems
Xiaomi CEO mocks iPhone 4 problems

The two also grabbed the attention of one Jack Wong, CEO of Meizu and arguably the first Chinese phone maker to prove the world there are some innovative Chinese companies after all!

meizu mx concept art 2
Meizu MX could be facing stiff competition

JW is extremely upset as the two phones have shown up a month before Meizu plans to launch it’s next generation smartphone the Meizu MX, possibly the worlds first quad-core Android phone!


Not only that but the pricing of both the Oppo and the Xiaomi, especially the Xiaomi!, are of huge concern to the Meizu founder.

xiaomi android phone price
The Xiaomi is half the expected price of the next Meizu phone!

Meizu’s highly active forum members were quick to see that the Xiaomi has a specification rivaling that of the yet to be released Meizu MX, but costs half the price! The MX is said to ship at roughly 3600 Yuan ($563) while the Xiaomi has an official retail price of 1999 Yuan ($312) but can be had even cheaper online! 1680 Yuan ($263) at some stores!

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meizu forum offline
Meizu BBS down due to the huge number of users discussing Oppo and Xiaomi phones

Obviously this has had avid Meizu fans both switch to the other side and also loudly complain on Meizu’s offical BBS, actually managing to overwhelm the system and causing it to shut down!

meizu fans discuss xiaomi
Meizu fans can't get over how cheap the Xiomi is!

Jack Wong has gone online to dismiss the 2 phones saying “I pay more attention to the screen (than either of the 2 companies)” and has threatened to permanently delete any Meizu users account if they are found to be discussing either Oppo or Xiaomi’s phones!

xiaomi vs meizu
Xiaomi dual core Android phone vs Meizu M9

The battle of the Chinese smartphones has arrived!

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