SmartPad Android Tablet is Actually Pretty Smart!

shenzhen yidear android tablet
Smartpad Android tablet from Shenzhen


There isn’t a week that goes by in China now without the introduction of another new Android tablet and this SmartPad from Shenzhen based Yidaer has some great features.As soon as you set eyes on the 7 inch capacitive screen SmartPad you can see that this isn’t your typical cheap tablet.

smartpad tablet back
The Smartpad get front and rear cameras

The body is very well designed with a smooth dual colour, black bezel and white back appearance.

smartpad android tablet SD sim
The Smartpad has built in 3G

There are also front and rear facing cameras plus a SIM card slot and micro SD card reader.

smartpad android tablet
Make calls on the Yidear Smartpad

Obviously that SIM card slot mean the SmartPad has 3G built in so you can keep connected where ever you go and even make phone calls.

Also built in are GPS, Bluetooth, 4Gb storages and a 4000mAh battery.

yidear smartpad
The 800mhz CPU isn't really up to the task of gaming

Unfortunately not everything is as good as we could hope for on this Android tablet. The biggest let down being the 800mHz CPU which sometimes struggles with video playback.

There’s no word on pricing but if you want to get your hands on a Smartpad when they are released send Yidear and tell them sent you!

Via: MicDigi

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