Peugeot VS Stoplight: Round One ‘Fight’

peugeot flip car crash
Chinese driver flips his Peugeot at traffic lights!

Just like the U.S, in China you can make a right turn at a junction even at a red light. This Peugeot driver in Shanghai tried to use his ultimate wisdom of the right turn rule and his mastery of car handling to avoid getting a ticket for jumping a stop light.

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After speeding through a light he hoped to beat, he veered right to avoid the traffic cameras, only to end up on CCTV and local TV stations after flipping his Pug over and landing on a poor defenceless Santana!

Video after the jump!

The Peugeot driver doesn’t appear to be fazed however and calmly gets out for a smoke, while a crowd of stunned onlookers crowd around the scene!

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